The History Of Eggnog & How To Prepare Your Eggnog At Home?

The History Of Eggnog & How To Prepare Your Eggnog At Home?

The History Of Eggnog

Eggnog (also Advocaat, Avocat, Advocat) is an alcoholic drink from the group of liqueurs and is made from alcohol, egg yolk and sugar, among others. In the EU, eggnog has an alcohol content of at least 14, typically around 20 per cent by volume. In many recipes for private use, cream or milk are also added. In the trade, however, a product with cream or milk must not be labelled "egg liqueur" and must instead be labelled as "liqueur with added egg" or simply as "spirit".

Eggnog is usually consumed neat, for example as a digestive with coffee. The drinking temperature is usually between 10 and 12 ° C.
In the 17th century, European conquerors discovered what was called Abacate, a refreshing drink among the indigenous people of the Amazon in what is now Brazil. With the addition of cane sugar and rum, the drink made with avocados became Advocaat, which is considered the forerunner of today's eggnog. According to the manufacturer Verpoorten, the Antwerp-based company founder Eugen Verpoorten developed the egg liqueur in its current form in an effort to imitate this drink. Since avocados were poorly available in Europe, he used egg yolk instead. In 1876 he founded his company in Heinsberg near Aachen.

A similar drink, the Mexican rompope made from eggs, milk, vanilla and rum, was imported from Spain to Mexico and has been made therein Puebla in the Convento de Santa Clara since the 17th century. In English-speaking countries, similar Eggnog is particularly popular at Christmas time. (Translation fromıerlikör)

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Actually, I am not a big fan of eggnog, but there are millions that are drinking it with pleasure. I would like to talk about this favourite drink of Christmas time and I will give you an easy recipe, to prepare your eggnog at home.

How To Prepare Eggnog At Home?


5 egg yolks
1 pkg of vanilla sugar
250 g icing sugar
200 ml milk
250 ml whipped cream (low calorie: cream fining)
200 ml alcohol (96% or alternatively vodka or grain)


Mix egg yolk, vanilla sugar and icing sugar until very frothy.
Then stir in milk, whipped cream and alcohol.
Then fill the eggnog into a sterile bottle.
If you want your eggnog to be a little less strong, use less alcohol and more milk.

Eggnog is ideal as a homemade gift or souvenir.

Eggnog tastes best when it is enjoyed fresh. It can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

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