How I Became A Barre Instructor - My First Certificate As A Barre Teacher

Every Monday I share the active monday section to motivate to a healthy life. However, this is not just an article I wrote for my blog. Those who have been following me for a long time also know that I have a blog called deryaninsporgunlugu. This blog is about exercising at home and healthy living. While trying to teach others the importance of exercising, I also helped hundreds of women to lose weight and correct their problematic areas. I took udemy courses for a while and took my barre workout trainer certificate. Now my second course is continuing as a yoga instructor.

What is Udemy? 

 I want to give some information about udemy. What is Udemy? Udemy is an online course offered by experts on many topics you can think of. These include sports courses, creative writing, blogging and nutrition e.t.c. You are completing the courses determined in your area of ​​interest. Since it was my instructor course, there was an exam at the end. I don't know if it's all there. Of course, this is not an academic degree, but it is a great opportunity for those who want to develop themselves in areas of interest, specialize in learning more, and those who have to do these training at home. Once you have received your certificate, you can convert it to the languages ​​in the system and download it as pdf or jpg.

Why Did I Attend Udemy Courses? 

My interest in exercising is not a secret, but I have helped people in the light of the information I have gained without even opening a blog for years. Day and night I get questions about sports and nutrition. The purpose of my wish to improve myself is to learn more, to answer the questions that come to me more correctly and I think it will make a positive contribution to my blog. I believe there is no age and time to develop ourselves. I have attended courses before, but I had to leave because I could not keep up with my children's program. Since I had the opportunity to improve myself at home, I immediately made use of it. Of course I also researched the instructor who gave the course in google. I have been convinced that she has been teaching yoga, pilates and barre for 30 years and the comments are very positive. Indeed, in a very detailed and beautiful narrative of the implementation of each movement, when you give a class in a classroom to explain the issues you need to pay attention to. In short I enjoyed it and would go immediately with the second course. If you would like to attend udemy courses on the topics you are interested in, open an account and list your favorite courses. There are also big discounts in various periods. The best investment in life is your investment in yourself. No one can steal your own development. A person loses money, loses a job, but does not lose the information he has acquired.

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