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Hello dear blogger friends. This post is for you. Your valuable comments always make me happy, motivated and supportive. İt' s really very important to support each other as bloggers. However, some blogger friends put their blog link while writing comments. These comments are constantly falling into the spam box. I used to publish it, but after some research, I thought that Google could perceive such comments as spam and could harm my blog instead of benefit, so I decided not to publish any comments including links that could be clicked.

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If you want me to contact you, you can add your blog link to your blogger profile or the profile you used to comment. For blogger-enabled blogs, when you enter this is very easy: choose edit blog profile option, you'll see a box asking you what blogs you want to appear. If you add your blog link here, clicking on your profile will easily find your blog. If you don't have such a profile, you can select Comment by name / URL and write your blog link there. We all put a lot of effort into our blogs and we don't want that to go to waste. Although I put a warning at the beginning of the comment section, I had to write this article because it was not noticed.
I hope you will understand this decision and continue to write your comments without a clickable link. Keep in touch with the right way.

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