Collaborating With Brands As A Blogger- Some Usefull Tipps

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I have been collaborating with different companies from time to time in my four-year blogger life. Blogging,is an activity that you do with love to writing and sharing;  but it is also motivating wenn we receive small advertising and promotional articles in return for the work we do. Every single blogger knows how many energy and time we are investing at our blogs.
Throughout these years, I've developed some techniques to decide how serious the collaborators are. I want to share them with you too:


Some important points about collaborating with a brand

1. A serious company reaches you by mail. They don' t write a comment under your Instagram  post as ''contact us from dm'
2. In the first email, he/she writes his/her name, the company he / she wrote and asks if you want to cooperate. Uses a kind and friendly language but not as you are friends for many years. Does not forget to add the link to the company. So you can check and decide if you want to work with or not.
3. After confirming the cooperation, you received a second message. At this message must explained in detail what type of collaboration is required. They write the amount they can pay for this cooperation.
4. You have to finish your promotion (post, social media sharing e.t.c.)and to send your links at your customer. A serious brand pays you quickly at the time that they have promissed. They don't let you to write messages and ask about your payment over and over again. This shows only how unprofessional those brands are.

Those were some important things that I give attention to collaborate with a new brand. Have you also other important points to add? Please let me know with your comments. I hope you find my post about collaborating with brands as a blogger usefull. Thanks for reading.

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