Things To Consider When Publishing A Post Written By Someone Else


Blog owners generally prefer to write and publish their articles in the most unique form. This applies to both our own posts and sponsored posts. From time to time, companies or their representatives send their own ready-made articles for publication. The point I pay attention to here is that the article is a unique article that has not been published elsewhere before.

There are various ways to check whether a ready-made article you receive is original. For example, there are many control systems such as, , etc.

Why You Should Not Use Copy Content For Your Blog

Copy content can be tempting when you need to quickly produce content for your blog. Unfortunately, using copy content can have serious consequences, including search engine penalties and a reputation for being untrustworthy.

Copy content is a form of plagiarism and it can hurt your credibility as a blogger. Search engines are also very good at catching duplicate content and penalizing websites that use it. Therefore, if you want to be respected in the blogging world and have successful SEO rankings, you should avoid copy content altogether.

There are plenty of ways to create unique, original content for your blog that does not involve copying another person's work. This includes conducting research, interviewing experts in the field, curating news stories from reliable sources, or creating your own original content from scratch. Doing this will ensure that your blog is seen as trustworthy and credible by readers and search engines alike.

How Many percent Plagiarism Is Acceptable To Search Engines?

Plagiarism is a major problem for search engines and it has been a challenge for them to ensure that the content which appears in their rankings is original. While there are no hard and fast rules about what percentage of plagiarism is acceptable to search engines, it’s generally recommended to keep the plagiarism levels below 1%. This means that any content with more than 1% of its words copied from another source should be avoided as much as possible. While some search engines may not penalize you for higher levels of plagiarism, it’s still important to ensure that your content is original so that it ranks well in their rankings.

Of course, there may be information and citations used in research papers or other articles. It is best to use them by citing the source.

An article I received recently from a customer was 50% copy content. I noticed this when I checked it via the plagiarism checkers. If I published it without checking, there would be dangers for my blog as I explained to you above. I also check the links inside the posts. You can check this easily at too. Of course I didn't accept the article.

We spend a lot of time and effort on our blogs. It can take years for a blog page to reach a certain level. Remember that no fee or guest post is worth putting at risk.

Another dangerous issue is that the links directed to sites containing pornography, gambling, drugs and criminality are not tolerated by search engines and cause the value of your site to decrease.

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