Nail Polish Trends For Spring/ Summer 2023


What are the nail polish trends for spring/summer 2023? A subtle yellow is already very much in vogue... You can see what else is trendy in nail beauty.

Spring is here - finally! What we look forward to the most is the splendor of color. But does that also apply to our fingernails?

The nail polish trends for spring/summer

Spring/summer seasons are colorful: everything is starting to sprout and bloom again, and a true blaze of color awaits us - simply wonderful! But what about nail polish: will the trend in spring/summer 2023 also be lush colors? Yes and no: A colorful potpourri of strong and soft colors awaits us, it can be subtle as well as sparkling - and the nail trends can also serve with flowers...

French nails

They just don't go out of style: as early as 2022, white nail tips were (again) among the most popular nail polish designs. This year, however, the beauty classic is getting an upgrade: With the Colored French Tip Nails, color is coming! You can bet on just one color or multiple colors. In 2023, the French of every single nail can have its own color and even be adorned with glitter. It's almost impossible to do more, isn't it?


Is it really because of the Barbie film, which is due to hit theaters in July 2023 and in which Margot Robbie will bring this very famous doll to life? The fact is: For some time now, celebrities have been happily out and about in pink clothes again – now the bright color is also coming to their nails! It's also a fact: With this color, you make a statement. And what a thing! The color looks particularly great if you keep your outfit more subtle and as dark as possible. You'll definitely get the wow factor, that's for sure.

Flower style

How nice: In spring it can now also sprout on your nails! Flowers and floral patterns of all kinds are in demand. There are no limits to the colors and imagination: Do you prefer pastels? No problem, it's trendy. Do you like it gaudier? Also not an issue, as you have already seen. Particularly dexterous people conjure up the design on their own nails. If that's too filigree for you, you can also work with nail foil - or even use dried flowers, a great nail trend from last season that is still up to date. Looks great and just fits perfectly with the spring look.


Speaking of bright colors, is there a richer, deeper, stronger tone than red? Luckily, we can wear the classic in 2023 as well, in all the tones and variants that red has to offer. From elegant to sensual, from seductive to fresh, everything is there! Particularly popular this year: Viva Magenta. The color of the year 2023 was named by the fashion magazine Vogue as a mixture of deep pink and Valentino red. Viva Magenta, long live!

Anabelle UV Nail Polish

It doesn't always have to be gaudy - discreet is also very popular

Pastel yellow

Maybe the spring sun was the inspiration for this nail polish trend color: pastel yellow is definitely the color of the moment! Don't be afraid to wear yellow, even if you don't usually have much contact with it. You will see: The sun color looks completely different on the nails than on clothes. If you still can't be convinced, you can also use a more conventional pastel color: baby blue, soft pink, or mint green - the muted colors are hip and form a nice contrast to the strong tones that shine on many nails.


It's not about the color here, it's about what goes on the tone of your choice: small rhinestones, for example. You are right on trend! Depending on what you have in mind and how you choose the rest of your outfit, you can choose to have one pebble for the entire hand and several per nail - just how you want it. Roughly speaking, a few stones appear more elegant when in doubt, many of them rather eccentric and shrill. But hey, if the evening promises to be loud and colorful: why not? So: start gluing!

Metallic look: Chrome Nails

Would you like even more shine? Then reach for nail polish colors with a chrome effect or in a metallic style. Silver or bronze is ideal for this – but gold or copper are also perfect. That's it? No, in principle, several colors can be dipped in chrome or metallic style, because you can also get the shimmering effect with a chrome powder, which you put over the nail as a finish and seal with clear varnish. By the way: The effect can of course also be achieved partially. Choose French nails or a floral pattern in the chrome look, that also works great.

Cafe au lait: Light shades of brown

Subtle shades of brown and beige are also trending in spring 2023 - and because hopefully, it will be sunnier and lighter again, it may be more cream than mocha. And because beige and co almost go in the direction of a nude look, you have also covered the current classic. For creamy polishes, such as mocha, latte, or vanilla, you should make even more effort than you already have to ensure that your nails are well cared for because the restrained nude tones show a lot of the nail – and that’s how the trend should be. If you still don't want to do without nail jewelry of all kinds: In this case, less is actually more!

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