April Fools Day - Where Does This Tradition Comes From?


Why is there an April Fools Day?

1st of April is a day when many people love to make jokes. Where does this tradition, which is valid in many countries of the world, come from and how is it celebrated in different countries? Let's take a look at the history of April Fools' Day and its traditions around the world.

Do the April Fools' jokes have their origins in the Middle Ages?

Lie to the fullest without causing serious harm: that's the general consensus on April Fool's Day. Pranking each other is a tradition spread throughout much of the world. However, its origin can no longer be pinpointed – it is said to be in Germany or France.

In addition to many other claims, a starting point for the April Fools' joke is in Augsburg, Bavaria. In 1530, in the Augsburg Reichstag, in addition to the discussions about religion at that time, there was also the coinage arrangement. On April 1, 1530, a coin day was proclaimed for standardization, which many speculators bet on. But coin day was canceled, speculators lost their money and were mocked as idiots. Some see a connection to this event, as the phrase "send someone to April" is first found in a Bavarian source from 1618.

It is also known that a calendar reform was made in France by Charles IX. In 1564, he shifted the new year from April 1 to January 1. Anyone who, out of ignorance or tradition, continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st was ridiculed as the "April Fool".

This is how the first day of April is celebrated around the world

In other European countries, jokes are also made on April 1. For example, in France and Italy, people try to stick paper strips with jokes on their backs without the other person noticing.

During immigration, April Fools' Day took root in the USA and the tradition was continued by European immigrants. 

In Spain and Latin America, jokes are made on Día de los Santos Inocentes on December 28, not April 1.

Another claim is Judas' birthday.

There is also the allegation that on April 1, people made jokes to deceive each other, because Judas, the apostle of Jesus, was too unreliable and betrayed Christ.

April weather can't be trusted

Finally, one of the claims is that April is a very unreliable month in terms of weather.

Marzo pazzo: a crazy March in Italy

By the way, in Italy, March is called Marzo pazzo. The weather in March is very changeable there, and Italians celebrate March 1 in a special way, and that's why jokes are made.

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