A Spring Must Have- Thin Jackets

Hello everyone. One of my favorite things when spring comes is getting rid of thick winter coats. I suddenly feel as light as a bird (Ohm a little curvy bird:)). But of course, there are cold and windy times in spring and summer days. I like to have jackets suitable for all seasons, of the year. The most suitable jackets for spring are thin trenchcoat type jackets.
However, as I am a very short (156cm) woman, I avoid buying a classic knee-length trenchcoat. Shorter models that end at the hips are more suitable for my height.
Today I wanted to tell you about three comfortable and trendy jackets I just bought.
The first one is a pastel pink. I bought this one for me and my daughter. 

And of course a khaki jacket is a must for my wardrobe since I am in love with this color.

Beige is suitable for almost every color combination. I love also this jacket. All of them are very thin fabric. I was worried that I would need to iron them often as they were quite wrinkled when they came out of the package. I can't say that I like ironing very much :) However, once ironed, it can be worn a few times and does not become as wrinkled as the first day it came. I haven't washed it yet, so I can't say anything about it.

It is very important for me to wear comfortable shoes, as I do almost all my work in my daily life on foot. Shopping, appointments, etc. Sneakers are one of the things I can't give up in my daily life.

 Jackets: Shein (Amazon)

Sneakers: Nike (Amazon)
                Skechers (Amazon)

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