A Fashion Revolution: LYRA Swimwear

Today we would like to tell you about a brand for women that want to wear modern active and swimwear and can not find them because of their religion. 

About LYRA 

LYRA changed into created thru one girl`s war to locate swimming wear that was applicable to her lifestyle. As a person who dressed modestly, and additionally cherished the outdoors, swimming, and preserving match, intertwined with an eager eye for fashion, swimming wear that integrated all of these items changed into not possible to locate.

So she determined to lay out her very own. You have to take a look at the Lyra burkini collection and you will understand this fashion revolution.

After a long time of work, research, and speaking to ladies of all faiths and none at the excessive road approximately the problems they confronted while swimming or heading to the seaside, she got to work developing the LYRASWIMS variety which was released in December 2016.  

The LYRA logo has all of the beauty of conventional Hollywood, Moroccan seaside cool and minimalist layout. The swimsuits are crafted from mild weight, speedy dry, top rate excellent Italian Carvico material with High UV safety and may be sold as a complete set, or separates, consisting of a sublime turban fashion head covering, leggings, and lengthy line, lengthy sleeve tops, so that you can create the match and cowl you need.

They also showcased the LYRA designs at London Modest Fashion Week.

The LYRA logo appreciates that each girl is different, and has an experience of what she feels snug in, however, doesn`t need to compromise on searching and feeling good, whether or not that`s lounging through a poolside, kicking it at the seaside or going for a swim. LYRA seems to mirror the ideals and values of ladies from all walks of life.

The brand aspires to designs that can be matched for cause and additionally moral. 

LYRA is likewise a regarded supporter of the #ThisGirlCan marketing campaign; they've got designed various swimming wear that suits the desires of all ladies to assist growth participation prices in swimming. Through the `LyraSwims` marketing campaign, they need to inform the actual tale of ladies who work out thru swimming. They are available in all sizes and styles and all tiers of ability. 

We want also to show you some examples of the LYRA collection:



Visit the LYRA web page to find out about other wonderful designs of outfits and accessories. We wish you a Happy International Woman's Day. All world women deserve to be happy and free with their decisions.

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