8 Clever Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Do you regularly stand in front of your closet and don't know what to wear? In most cases, this is not because there is nothing to choose from. Rather, the wrong cabinet system is often to blame. I too had this problem for a while until I took the time to optimize my wardrobe. I now find something to wear quickly every morning and have a perfect overview. Do you want that too? Then you should read my 8 clever tips for organizing your closet. Here we go:

1. Sort out, and sort 

The first and most important step is to get an overview of everything. What can go? Which part still has potential? What should definitely stay? In order to fill these questions with answers, you should form three piles of clothes and match the items of clothing. So you can sort out clothes that take up unnecessary space and make room. At the same time, you may discover old, forgotten pieces that you no longer had on your screen until now. And you determine which pieces are at the top of your popularity list. Ideally, once everything is sorted, you will also get an idea of what your personal style looks like. Which materials do you like, which cuts do you prefer or which colors are your favorites. 

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2. Consider seasons

It is well known that a wardrobe does not have endless space. And since most of us are probably reluctant to sort out on a regular basis, you have to find other ways to make space. One of them is the “seasonal closet system”. I use this system as well and it works really well. That's how I stow thick wool sweaters and jackets in the summer under our bed in the bed frame (we have this bed with a bed frame here and it was the best purchase ever!) and thus create the necessary space in the wardrobe. In winter, all airy tops and dresses disappear under the bed in my storage boxes.

However, what other options are available if you don’t have a bed with storage? Fortunately, there is no shortage of options because storage units can offer the temporary to permanent solution you’re looking for. Closets come in different sizes, and if yours lacks ample room, packing off-season clothing into boxes and sending them to a storage facility works perfectly. As long as the facility is at a convenient location, you won’t have problems switching off-season clothes with those in season.

3. Place basics where they are clearly visible

White t-shirts, leather trousers, double-breasted blazers, turtleneck sweaters, and jeans – there are a few pieces of clothing that always go. These so-called “basics” are pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Above all, they should always be clearly visible and within reach in the wardrobe. Therefore, it is best to always place them at the front of your closet. 

4. Sort clothes by color

This tip is my personal favorite tip. Why? Because it not only provides a better overview but also makes the cupboard look even tidier. I started this a few years ago and now I'm happy every time I look at my closet ;) Super easy and super effective.

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5. Sort by length

If you want to top it all off, you can sort your clothes in the closet not only by color but also by length. Admittedly, this is next level and requires a lot of patience and precision. But in the end, it's worth it, because the closet looks extremely tidy and you have a better view of different items of clothing such as dresses and skirts.

6. Hanging instead of laying

I love hangers for a number of reasons: firstly, I find that garments crease a lot less when you hang them. On the other hand, stacks of clothes always get on your nerves. Because every time you pull something out, the whole stack falls apart and you have to put everything back together. A third argument for hangers is that you can hang multiple items of clothing on them. With the “double hanger” (the one with the extra trouser hanger) you can, for example, store up to two pairs of trousers and a blazer on one hanger, saving additional space and we women always have too little of that ;). Extra tip: velvet hangers! Not only do they look beautiful, but they also ensure that garments made of light materials such as silk do not slip off the hanger.

7. Second choice backward

I think each of us has a few pieces of clothing in our closet that we don't wear much over the course of a year, but which we still can't or don't like to part with. This includes, for example, extravagant pieces such as evening dresses, wedding dresses, suits, etc. So that they disturb our daily dressing sessions as little as possible, it is best to store them far back in the closet or in boxes.

8. Bundle accessories

What is the best way to keep an eye on things? That's right if you keep them in one place and well sorted. Personally, I have an incredible number of accessories such as jewelry, bags, and belts. That's why I set up extra drawers in my wardrobe where these things can find space and don't just fly around. I even bought my own bag display case for my bags, because my bags have a special priority when it comes to the right storage. I have a hanger for my belts and I use an extra drawer with smaller compartments for my jewelry and my sunglasses. If you prefer to use closed storage, you can use boxes or crates and label them if necessary.

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