A Very Special Gift For Valentine's Day

Today I want to tell you about a very special Valentine's Day gift. I found it by chance while researching a special and romantic gift and it caught my attention with its originality.

When two women who love roses and their husbands, who know technology well, came together, a wonderful idea emerged. An elegant box is equipped with HD technology and contains preserved roses. Thus, when you present the box to your loved one, when she/he opens it, she/he can both see the magnificent roses and watch the video you have prepared for her/him. What a romantic surprise, right? Verona Roses makes it possible.

Verona Roses Products

You can choose between the big and small boxes. The roses lasted for years thanks to the procession with non-toxic components. And of course, they smell wonderful. The only point to consider is to let them in their original box. 

How to care for your roses?

  • You should don't water them. Water can damage the roses
  • Keep them at a normal room temperature
  • Don't put them to direct sunlight
  • You can use a cold dryer to remove the dust
  • Avoid touching the petals

As for the video, you can add your own video or you can prepare it on the Platform. There are also fantastic templates with background music.

You just have to follow these simple ordering steps:

1. Select the Occasion 
2. Select your preferred Theme or upload your own video.
 3. Selec the Box, and “pronto”, your loved one

Verona Roses delivers Nationwide (USA)

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