32 Very Aphrodisiac Food That Boosted Your Libido


32 Very Aphrodisiac Food That Boosted Your Libido

Most Aphrodisiac Foods

Certain foods have a particularly seductive effect and are therefore ideal for occasions for special moments. Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, or other culinary highlights in love should be peppered with aphrodisiac pleasures. What is the most aphrodisiac food? Can a food boost the libido and work better than viagra? Here are 26 very aphrodisiac food that boosted your libido in a natural way.


Oysters owe their aphrodisiac reputation primarily to the fact that they can be sipped to your heart's content. Couples who eat seafood often, have more fulfilling sex lives and also increase their chances of conceiving. The study links the high zinc content in seafood with improved sexual function as zinc boosts testosterone production.


Avocados provide vitamins D and E and thus energy, which increases sexual stamina. Incidentally, the Maya and Aztecs already knew that.


Basil has a stimulating effect due to the vitamins, tannins, and essential oils it contains and it was known as a love herb in ancient times.


You have probably already heard that chocolate has an aphrodisiac effect - chocolate releases endorphins, which trigger a feeling of happiness in us. It is scientifically proven that dark chocolate can increase the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and neurotransmitters, which are responsible for our feelings of happiness and are involved in sexual arousal. The higher the cocoa content, the healthier the chocolate.


According to St. Jerome, especially beans creates dangerous tickling in dangerous regions.


Chili not only makes food spicy but also enjoyed by the eater in small doses.


These little beauties contain high levels of the amino acid L-arginine, which stimulates blood vessels and is good for vascular health, especially if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.


Watermelons are also excellent for improving erectile dysfunction and increasing libido. According to WebMD, the watermelon is a natural Viagra. Why? Their high proportion of citrulline relaxes and expands the blood vessels.


Spinach is rich in magnesium, increases blood flow, and is another natural Viagra. Spinach has innumerable benefits - not least for your sex life. A jelly that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.


So delicious, so good. Nuts have high levels of zinc and boron, which are great for releasing testosterone and estrogen. Although nuts are high in fat, they are healthy fats. Even so, they should be consumed in moderate amounts.

32 Very Aphrodisiac Food That Boosted Your Libido



Strawberries are known as THE stimulating fruit, resulting from the zinc that the body uses to produce the pleasure hormone testosterone.


Figs are often called “fica” in Italian and their shape also stimulates male fantasies. Figs were already considered an aphrodisiac by the Greeks. Anyone who gave away a basket full of figs during this time was revealing that they were interested in the recipient and that they wanted more. Even today, figs are said to have an aphrodisiac effect.


 Whether the pomegranate really has an aphrodisiac effect cannot be clearly determined. But at least Aphrodite already had a favorite tree and that was that of the pomegranate. That is why the pomegranate is still today a symbol of love and fertility.


Ginseng awakens the libido as it affects the release of hormones.


Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and thus the stamina of men.


Coffee sharpens the senses and keeps you awake.


Cardamom in tea, coffee, or hot milk not only warms but also has an aphrodisiac effect.


Caviar supposedly inspires communication and tenderness. The meaning of the term can be traced back to the word "Cahv-Jar"  "Cake of joy".


Gingerbread used to be called love cake.


Lovage (Levisticum officinale) is treacherous.


Maca is a common aphrodisiac in Peru. The tuber is healthy with its vitamins and minerals on top of that.


Nutmeg(muscat) in very small quantities is considered to promote potency and pleasure. But be careful: too much of a good thing causes headaches and nausea!


 Most of us use this regularly anyway. It is aphrodisiac because parsley contains an essential oil that can be stimulating. Medieval physicians were at least convinced that parsley helps against the "decrease in juices".


Many Renaissance scholars with a lot of imagination regarded pistachios as a symbol of spermatozoa.


Partridge has a reputation among connoisseurs for being particularly ruthless and unbridled poultry.


Celery provides energy and is said to increase manhood in this way.


From a purely scientific point of view, asparagus has more of a diuretic than erectile tissue-building effect, alone: ​​the clear appearance is stronger.


Sweet wine supposedly conquers the hearts of women in no time and even doubles its erotic effect if you let a few threads of saffron soak in it.


Truffles have been proven to make girls hot, at least in the world of pigs and dogs. However, they also remind imaginative aphrodisiac of testicles and stimulate both through obscene scents and luxurious prices.


Vanilla is not only good for the mind, but it is also euphoric. This applies to both men and women.


Cinnamon stimulates the production of pheromones - it was already used as a pleasure enhancer in ancient Egypt.


Listen to the birds and bees. The boron contained in honey serves as a natural source of energy and also regulates our progesterone and estrogen levels. Honeymoon even comes from mead, which is made from honey and passed on to newlyweds.
You can also try these 26 very aphrodisiac food to boost your libido naturally. 

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