6 Things That Happy Couples Do

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6 Things That Happy Couples Do

The greatest truths in life are often the simplest. Good relationships with friends and partners are the basis of our happiness. But we all know that maintaining good relationships is not always easy.
There are people with whom we develop a long-term friendship through play. And there are partnerships that seem to automatically work well. But there is also the opposite experience: some relationships end, sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly.

But what is it that strengthens long and happy relationships?

In my opinion, there are a few signs that show what unites happy relationships. Some of these signs sound simple. But that's the trick with the greatest truths.

1) You are complete with yourself

You can have this feeling with friends, but it is especially dangerous when you have it with a partner. The feeling that you are not entirely with yourself. The impression that the other just needs to get to know you properly and that he or she might lose interest. You hold back, you have the impression that you have to play something for the other person. Nobody can maintain a facade in the long term. At least not if you want to be happy doing it.

Couples who are happy with each other are happy because they act for who they are. Raw, vulnerable, strong, annoying. They are happy because they know that this is how the other takes you. Because nobody is perfect. But the way you are, you are lovable for your partner.

2) Shared joy

People in happy relationships treat themselves to something. In other words: You are not jealous of each other. This also applies to friendships. If one is successful, financially, or professionally, the other is genuinely happy. Because joy shared is joy doubled. We heard this saying as children. But it is important to really understand it. Because he's right.

3) Differences are good

Many couples feel the need to merge symbiotically with the other. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, your own needs take a back seat, you want to be as close to the other as possible, you want to share as much as possible with the other. That is beautiful. But that's not all. Much more important for lasting happiness in a relationship is to let the other be who he is. To see and accept differences. You may not always be able to understand everything that the other person likes or what they are passionate about, but the way they are, they are good. If you can't accept that, you can't have a permanent relationship.


4) The relationship is not everything

You hear it over and over again from couples. And these couples all have a problem. Because couples who believe that their happiness can only be found in the relationship will never really find it. A fulfilling relationship can be the best thing that happens to you. But a relationship alone doesn't make you happy. Only those who rest in themselves and find this happiness in themselves will be able to share and increase it. Happy couples know that.

5) You have no goals

That may sound absurd at first. Because couples have goals. A joint venture, perhaps, a house, children e.t.c. but many couples confuse goals with common ground. And that's difficult. There are couples who live together for a long time and share a lot. But one day, they realize that they only had these goals in common. And when that is achieved, what is left?

6) Talking

At first glance, this aspect also seems too simple to be that important. But couples who talk to each other, who REALLY communicate with each other - listen to each other, exchange ideas, they do everything right. Talk to each other. That is the most important thing.

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