My 6 Favorite Body And Skin Care Products In 2020

Body & Skin Care Products

I did a minimum amount of shopping in 2020. When the corona pandemic started, I decided not to buy more than I needed and I mostly followed this decision. Generally, it was not a product that I regret too much, but some of them became a little more favorite. Let me tell you about my favorite body and skincare products in 2020

body lotion nature box

Nature Box Body Lotion

When I wanted to buy a body lotion with aloe vera, I wanted to give Nature Box a chance. I normally do not like creams that leave a thick layer when rubbed and stay white. Nature box is also a very thick cream. But then it makes the skin smooth and soft. More suitable for winter use. I am using also the product as a hand cream.

hyaluron gel

Alverde Hyaluron Gel

I feed Alverde Hyaluron gel on the crow's feet after a shower in the evening and then apply it to my entire face. Although I have no wrinkles except for the rim of the eyes, it has an extremely refreshing feel and I love its moisturizing feature on the skin.

pantene pro v hair thickenning

Pantene ProV hair thickening spray

After bathing, I apply it to slightly damp hair and dry it. It gives volume without hardening the hair. It's very easy to use the product. Also, the hair has a nice rose scent for a long time.

body lotion

Body & Soul Body Lotion

This body lotion, which smells like almond flowers, moisturizes, and smells beautiful without leaving a thick layer on the skin. Even if the perfume is not applied, the scent stays for a certain time.

nivea aloe vera

Nivea Aloe & Pflege(Care)

I have been using the Nivea brand fondly for years. I bought Aloe Vera cream to use after sunbathing in the summer and I was very satisfied. It is easily absorbed and does not leave a thick layer on the skin.

scholl foot scrub

Scholl Feet Peeling

Scholl foot scrub removes all the dead skin on the heels and toes. The product I used in the shower made my feet soft. Also, there is no need to apply a foot cream. I finished two tubes, I will buy a new one at the first purchase.
These 6 body and skincare products were my favorites in 2020. Have you also have favorite care products? 

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