Why I Use To Send Handwritten Cards and Benefits of Them


Hello to everyone. On my blog, I often talk about how I love using bullet journals. Although I use a computer or phone many hours a day, I always write my notes by hand due to my job. Bullet journals in romantic patterns are always on my desk and in my bag.

Apart from that, there is one more thing that I love very much, which is handwritten cards. I send handwritten cards to many places and for many reasons.

Why Hand-Written Cards

If you ask why handwritten cards, I guess I'm a bit of a romantic person. A handwritten card seems more sincere to me. After all, our handwriting carries traces of us. Now people handle everything with a smartphone. Sending a message digitally takes seconds. It is a fact that this saves time, people have very little time in their busy working schedules. Nowadays, no one even thinks of taking the time to write a card and send it in the mail.

Memorability and Effectivity of Handwritten Cards

Tired of getting ordinary phone messages? However, even though I am an adult now, a letter or a card sent to me by post still makes me happy. This indicates that time is being taken for something that is no longer commonplace. A special time wasted especially for me. And I'm sure the people I send cards to feel the same way.

While a digital message may be read and deleted immediately, a special card may remain in a corner of your office desk and be read more than once. The message you want to give will be remembered more.

However, if you're one of those who don't want to deal with the post office, I have good news for you. Do you ask yourself how to make typed notes look handwritten? Instead of writing an ordinary e-mail, you can now create a special card using handwritten writing options and various designs in the digital environment. Moreover, the options in this regard are almost limitless. Thus, without having to use boring mail templates, you will make a difference with a specially designed card.

I also use both options. When I can spare enough time, I send a card by post. However, when I have less time, I send digital cards that I designed myself instead of a plain and boring e-mail. I make sure that the writing style is like handwriting.

In what situations do I prefer handwritten cards

Thank you card

I like to send a personal handwritten card or handwritten note when I want to thank someone. Depending on the situation, sometimes a flower or a small gift may accompany it.

Greeting card

When I want to congratulate a friend or relative, I prefer to send a handwritten card. This could be a wedding greeting, a graduation greeting, a job greeting, or something else.

Cards sent from trips

I like to send cards to my family and friends from my travels. Of course, these cards have to be handwritten. This is a ritual that I have not given up on for years. It also makes me happy to learn that they keep the cards I sent.

In conclusion, I would like to give the following tip. Avoid sending a card to someone too often and for any reason. Really special cases should be chosen for the effect to be stronger. Otherwise, it will be a customary move and will be treated as a digital message.

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