Working and Living in Quarantine: Marie Kondo's Best Tips

Marie Kondo

When it comes to tidying up and organizing, Marie Kondo is the number one professional. That's why she also knows how to best organize yourself at home
She has already helped us to sort our wardrobe and warned us which mistakes should not be made when mucking out. The Japanese Marie Kondo is the tidy queen par excellence and gives valuable tips on how to reorganize your home in her books or her Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo". Now, in times of Corona and quarantine, we finally have more time for it again and are grateful for any tips on how it can be easier, faster and, above all, particularly effective.
Reorganize work and private life.
The home office is a huge challenge for many of us. Namely, to combine professional life with private life. In such a way that neither one nor the other suffers from it. This is anything but easy, especially with children, which is why Marie Kondo recommends drawing up a plan first. She suggests writing down what you want to achieve professionally in the next few weeks and setting goals for the day. This assumes that you rearrange your calendar (and that of the children) and set time slots. An example: The child can watch a children's program from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., during which time you write the presentation. Of course, planning with children is not that easy, so it is important to set short, realistic periods of time. Make sure not to do anything "quickly in-between", but stick to your plans.

Activate the five senses

Kon Mari Method

Before the (work) day starts, Marie Kondo recommends clearing your head and activating all five senses. Our sense of smell, for example, has a major impact on our brain and helps us relax. An aroma spray on the desk or a scented candle in the living room can help give the brain a little wellness break in between.

Fresh flowers in the apartment

Marie Kondo

Colourful flowers create a good mood. That's why Marie Kondo recommends always having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the apartment. Fresh flowers bring a bouquet of happiness into your four walls.

Fold clothes again

Marie Kondo

We open our wardrobe every day. If there is a disorder in it, it (subconsciously) creates stress that can be easily avoided when the closet is tidy. Marie Kondo recommends: Throw all clothes from the closet in a pile, fold them up again and sort them again. You can also sort out things that you no longer wear. Curl up on the floor in front of the closet, sit in front of the pile of clothes and listen to a podcast while you fold your clothes. You will notice that you will feel better immediately afterwards and that you will be happy every morning when you open your closet.

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