Tidying Up - KonMari Method From Marie Kondo

We all complain from time to time because of the clutter of our homes and not knowing where to start? At least I'm close :) From the moment I get up from my bed in the morning, the night I put my head on the pillow, a lot of things happen in my brain that day, I try to do everything together, and suddenly the house returns to the battlefield. Add to this the clutter of three children, you can think of our situation now.
In such a hopeless moment, I discovered and started to watch Marie Condo's Tidying Up in Netflix.
Marie Condo, she's a tiny smoothie woman. She goes to houses with her positive energy, edits this place, tell the family that she puts everything in order to be beautiful. Families inviting her for a happier life. She brings peace to the place.
This woman has such a sterile air that she doesn't fit me at all, but when I follow her show, she motivates me to get up and arrange the whole house. She has a big motivational power. I also apply some of the methods suggested by myself and it works very much.
So what is the method called Konmari founded by Marie Kondo?

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a home editing expert, bestseller book writer, Tide İt Up with Marie Kondo program moderator in Netflix and the person who finds the Konmari system.
A woman who is happy to be regular and tries to make others happy.

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What is the KonMari method?

The method of the KonMari is to arrange the items to be collected into major categories.

  • Garments
  • Books
  • Instruments
  • Komono (mixed goods)
  • and finally emotional, private items

Save the items that appeal to your heart; says Marie Kondo.

6 basic rules of being regular 

  • Convince yourself to be regular
  • Imagine what your ideal way of life should be
  • Finish the first thing you don't want
  • Arrange by category, not by location
  • Follow the correct order
  • Ask yourself if your stuff gives you happiness

With this system, Marie Kondo is considered one of the most influential women in the world.

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