2021 Oscars- My 6 Favourite Red Carpet Dresses

The 2021 Oscar Awards ceremony was held despite corona pandemic restrictions. Frequently asked questions this year Will the 2021 Oscar award ceremony be held live? Will all artists attend the Oscar award ceremony? Such were the questions that were curious due to the pandemic. While some artists participated in life, some were content to watch from their homes.

And the Oscar winners: I do not want to comment on this issue, as I haven't seen any of the films that are nominated or awarded this year. However, as always, I chose my favorite red carpet dresses. Again, unfortunately, there were many clothes that I did not like.

Another detail I would like to add was that the guests attended the ceremony with their masks and took off their masks just while they were taking pictures. 

2021 Oscars My Favourite Red Carpet Dresses

I am in love love love with Renee Zellweger's Armani dress. That was absolutely my favorite red carpet dress.

Reese Whitherspoon's red carpet dress was my second favorite.

Margot Robbie looks fabulous in her red carpet dress.

Altho I like Halle Berry's red carpet dress, I find her hairstyle doesn't suit her

Amanda Seyfried was really very glamourous in her red dress.

These were my favorite red carpet dresses. Of course, this is my personal taste. I don't want to offend any celebrity, I just choose the red carpet dresses that I like for my own tastes on my lists.
I hope the next award ceremony will be in more comfortable conditions.

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