What Does Gal Gadot Owe Her Perfect Skin To

gal gadot skin care secret


Since February 18, the beautiful actress Gal Gadot has been flickering as Wonder Woman in the new blockbuster "Wonder Woman 1984" on the Sky streaming service - and once again looks absolutely gorgeous. The actress does a lot for this (beauty routine, sports program, nutrition plan, healthy lifestyle), as she revealed in an interview with British Harper’s BAZAAR. But: Even Wonder Woman does not use miracle creams and jars. Gal Gadot swears by a simple classic from the drugstore for beautiful skin.

Beautiful skin: Gal Gadot has a secret for the perfect skin

The 35-year-old Gal Gadot explains what does she owe her perfect skin to: “I use different body lotions, but my absolute favourite is the rich body milk from Nivea. It's cheap but just so good. "

The rich body milk from Nivea is enriched with natural almond oil and provides intensive moisture for 48 hours. The vitamin E it contains protects the skin from cell damage and the associated skin ageing.

After just one application, the rough skin feeling is relieved - perfect for dry skin. The typical Nivea fragrance does the rest. No wonder that even Wonder Woman is a fan of this body milk. This is what she owes her perfect skin to.

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