Hair Shaved: The New Hairstyle Of Princess Charlene

 Hair shaved: The new hairstyle of Princess Charlène

While other aristocrats, such as Duchess Kate, have remained true to their hairstyle for years, Princess Charlène von Monaco continues to surprise with new hairstyles. Most recently, the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco had Baby-Bangs [note. extremely short forehead fringes]. Now the 42-year-old has taken an even more radical step and shown herself with an undercut. The New Hairstyle of Princess Charlene is really a punk haircut!


Princess Charlène is now wearing a shaved undercut

With the punk hairstyle, in which the top hair remains long while the side and bottom hair is shaved, Charlène surprised at a Christmas appointment in Monte Carlo, where she distributed gifts. Her hair now seems a little darker than a few days ago on the national holiday in Monaco. The mother of two had the left side of her head shaved for a short rasp.


Famous beauty experts have different views on this radical change of the princess. While some find the new hairstyle too exaggerated and unbecoming, others think it is a very modern and free hairstyle.

So what do you think of princess Charlène's new hairstyle? Would you dare to have such a radical haircut? I like her with short hair but I find this one very radical.

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