Top 20 Celebrities In 2020

 Wondering who are the most popular celebrities in 2020? I made a list of really surprising names. Let me also mention that the names on the list have emerged as a result of my internet research. They are not necessarily names that I personally admire. Although I have favorites among them, some of them are not of interest to me. Here the top 20 celebrities in 2020:

1.     Kanye West


Kanye West

Kanye has gained a lot of popularity over the years, but he gained the most in 2020. Not only because of his outbursts, his relationship with Kim K., or his bizarre rants, it was because of his sudden decision to be the next president. It’s quite hilarious. Even though he lost, he at least tried.


2.     Will Smith


will smith

I mean, I think we all know why he is so popular at the time. He is a great actor, rapper, and overall a very talented man. People will never get bored with him. There is also a new sequel to the 90’s movie “Bad Boys”, which goes by the name of “Bad Boys for Life”, in which he plays the main role.


3.     Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen was always a famous television host. She starred in a few movies and even had her own sitcoms Ellen and The Ellen Show. She also started her own record and production companies. But her reputation went downhill when The Ellen DeGeneres show was investigated for being a hostile workplace. I also enjoy watching Ellen DeGeneres show.


4.     Harry Styles


Harry Styles

Harry Styles has had a successful carrier after the split-up of the famous band One Direction. He even starred in a movie, Dunkirk, where he could show that he had more talent than just singing. But in 2020, he was being horribly mugged on the streets of London, which, of course, made headlines.


5.     The Weeknd


The Weeknd

The Weeknd is very popular in the R&B music world. He had many number one singles like Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills and has also collaborated with people such as Drake or Ed Sheeran, some of the biggest names in music. Besides that, he has also won several awards like the Grammy Award or the American Music Awards and was nominated for an Oscar for his Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

6.     John Legend


John Legend

John Legend really is a one-of-a-kind singer. He made songs like All of Me, which will probably live on forever. He released seven studio albums and won ten Grammy Awards, along with an Oscar and a Golden Globe for co-writing the song Glory from the film Selma. He is married to the model Chrissy Tiegen and they have two beautiful children together.



7.     Kim Kardashian West


Kim Kardashian

There’s no time when Kim Kardashian isn’t trending. Kim’s popularity has grown after the launch of Keeping Up With the Kardashians but also because of the numerous controversies circulating the web. She has also created workout DVDs, her own clothesline, book, mobile game, emojis, KKW Beauty line, perfume, and shapewear. She also donates a lot to charities and helped release Alice Johnson from prison.


8.     Britney Spears


Britney Spears

Britney Spears is an iconic pop star who has been in the limelight since the 1990s. She has released pop bangers like Hit Me Baby One More Time, but also made headlines for her many breakdowns. She is dubbed the “Princess of Pop” and has had global success with her pop tracks, selling over 100 million records worldwide. Britney has won over 100 awards throughout her carrier.

The pop star has also topped the list for most searched celebrity 7 times in 12 years for her music and her personal life.


9.     Cardi B


Cardi B

Cardi B managed to gain a lot of popularity in just a few years. But the star’s private life is also very interesting and often grabs headlines like stories about her ex-husband or celebrity feuds.

Cardi was the first female rapper to reach Billboard’s hot 100 and she also collaborated on a clothesline with Fashion Nova.


1                        Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner

Kylie is famous for being a part of the Kardashian Clan but also for transforming her look constantly and becoming a mother at a very young age. She is also very successful in the cosmetics industry, constantly inspiring young ladies with her style.

She has been named the World’s youngest Self-Made billionaire at the age of 22, but a lot of people criticize the “self-made” title.

Kylie has also invested in her Lip-Kit and merchandise empire which is very successful at the time.


                       Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber

Justin didn’t always have it easy in his carrier. He had a lot of ups and downs, but he eventually made it to the top. He was also the youngest artist to achieve over five no.1 US albums.

He is selling more than 150 million records and is dubbed one of the world’s best-selling music artists, but he was once also called the “most hated person in the world”.  Drugs and his relationship with Selena Gomez led him to depression, but his state got better in recent years, where he focused more on his music and his well-being.

                    Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato

She started her career on the Disney Channel when she was a teenager. She has been very open with her addiction and mental health issues, especially in her documentary.

Demi is well known for her drug addiction and her alcohol problems, but also for her music. She found success in Disney’s Camp Rock sequels, then moved on to singing and have produced six albums and won numerous awards since then.


1                    Beyonce



It was always clear that Beyonce was a superstar, and she has proven that with her solo career. More than just creating music, she creates art with her extraordinary and groundbreaking ways of delivering entertainment.


She was the first female artist to win 6 Grammy Awards in one night and to chart 12 songs on Billboard’s 100.

Beyonce doesn’t share a lot of her personal life, but stories about her relationship with Jay-Z and how she keeps up with her 3 children are circulating around the web.


                       Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo di Caprio

He is one of the most recognizable men in Hollywood. He isn’t really starring in the latest movies, but his performances in major blockbusters like Titanic will live on forever. He won his first Oscar in 2016 for his role in The Revenant, but he was also nominated a lot of times in 2020 for his great performance as Rick Dalton in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Leonardo is also well known in the “meme” community for being the face of many memes. He supports charities and regularly promotes environmental awareness.





Top 20 celebrities in 2020

Rhianna made her debut at the young age of 16 with her single, Pon De Replay, and took the world by storm. Everyone fell in love with her, including the artist Chris Brown, who allegedly beaten and bruised Rhianna in their relationship. The two eventually split. But even after the intense relationship, Rhianna’s talent kept improving.

She won several awards including 9 Grammys and created some of the best music videos around. She is also the creative director of her Fenty x Puma collab, owner of Fenty Savage Lingerie, her Fenty Beauty Line and LVMH.


                  Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is known for his chart-topping hits and his breath-taking vocals, but most of the time, his success goes unnoticed due to his humble and mellow appearance. He received 4 Grammy Awards and has also performed for the Queen of England.

His rare public appearances have made him one of the most famous celebrities in 2020. Ed also married his childhood friend and high school classmate Cherry Seaborn in January 2019 and they had a baby together in 2020.


                   Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

She was a former Disney child actress who followed her father’s footsteps of becoming a star. But the masses were shocked when Miley admitted her love for twerking, exhibitionism, and adoration for marijuana, which was unlike her clean childhood persona.

Miley has produced some hit singles like Wrecking Ball. Music is still the reason why many people love her but her dating history has also been a highlight of her fame. She married her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but their romance came to an end when they divorced in 2019.


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga

Ever since standing in the limelight, Lady Gaga has really stunned us with her extravagant attire. But she also is a great vocalist and has a creative mind.

She won eleven Grammys, which, again, shows us how talented she is. She also starred in the 2018 movie; A Star is Born. She even has her own merch, a perfume line and she recently launched a cosmetics line, Haus Laboratories.


Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

Taylor is called the highest-paid celebrity in 2019 and with 300 awards including 10 Grammys, it’s easy to see why. She is a real music legend.

But she doesn’t keep all the money, she likes to give it back to her community. Taylor often donates large sums of money to causes that are close to her heart, like a donation of $15.500 to a fan whose mother had been in a coma for five years.

She also has a reputation for being a diva in the showbiz world. She’s also famous for dating different popular guys and writing songs about them.


 Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea

She is one of the most talked-about rappers of our generation. She is Australian, meaning that she is the first non-American female rapper to reach the top of the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. She has also collaborated with Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Rita Ora.

Rumors are going around, that she used plastic surgery on her body, specifically on her breasts and nose. Iggy’s relationships are the most prominent part of her life. She dated A$AP Rocky, Nick Young, and Playboy Carti. She also revealed that she had a son in 2020, but kept her pregnancy private.

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