1 Year With The Pandemic - How Was My Life?

 Let's do a little gossip today :) Let me share a little my experiences while having a year full of the pandemic, what do you think? Let me explain what I have done this year, how my life has changed.

What Changed?

Honestly, I cannot say that I have experienced a big change in my daily lifestyle due to the pandemic. Since we have adopted a minimalist lifestyle for a long time, we are already living very simple and introverted. I'm not a person who likes a lot of people around me. That's why I have not suffered too much. We are sitting on the same street with my best friend here, and we tried to meet in the open air as much as possible.

covid 19 first year

What Did I Missed?

The things I was missing were very few, as I said. For example, we could not go to the hairdresser for months. As someone who gets my hair cut often and short, I felt his lack. I could not go to the library, I had to read online. However, I used to go through the books from time to time even to spend time, and this was one of the things I missed.


Even when the children were at school, they never had any other activity. They stayed at home for months, anyway. This was something they especially lacked. It was a pity that both of them will go to other schools next year and could not enjoy the school this year.

My Business Life During The Pandemic

In terms of business, I actually took advantage of this year very well. I wrote a lot, read a lot, researched a lot. I still continue online training whenever I have the opportunity. Of course just because I like to learn something new myself. It has been a productive year in terms of self-improvement. Even more, there are a few course programs in my program, but time is not enough :) I am now a full time working mom and I am very happy about it:)

Fortunately, my health was also good. I often get sick in the winter, but this year I remain healthy.

In my private life, I have experienced sorrows that are not actually related to the pandemic. Sometimes I feel like going through an exam. Isn't it strange, while experiencing pain on the one hand, on the other hand, life goes on? I seem to live in two parts. I hope I can pass this exam successfully. One day, maybe I'll write these, but I'm not ready for now. Of course, a light appears always at the end of the tunnel.

How did you spend a year with the pandemic?

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