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Permanent tattoo or the type for a vacation flirt?

A tattoo is a work of art that will last forever. When tattooing, the color is brought into the inner layers of the skin with fine, motor-driven needles so that it stays there. Even if the skin is renewed (permanently), you get a scrape, or your figure changes over the years, the motif stays in place. Even with the onset of wrinkles with age, it only shifts a little. It is a marriage for life.

I want a tattoo

Just as you can get a divorce relatively quickly nowadays with hurdles, you can also remove tattoos. However, it is an expensive, painful, and time-consuming thing. No matter what the respective studios advertise: It is not easy, it is not a complete removal (pigment residues often remain and always scars remain), and the skin will never look like new again. Before you get a tattoo, you should be very, very sure that you will always love the subject. That you will still love it when, as a great-grandmother, you sit in a wheelchair wrinkled and in a floral skirt and are fed by a young male caregiver. You should love it if you have been to the MRI after a cruciate ligament rupture, the area with the tattoo on your leg got incredibly hot and the skin is reddened and the treating doctor tells you that the MRI is unusable because the pigments of your tattoo are on the Wade deflected the rays. And if your boss denies you a promotion because he thinks tattooed people are ruinous in important business negotiations, you should still love it.

More than just decals: temporary tattoo

tattoo types

To get straight to the point: there is no way to get a tattoo for a few years. It was all the rage in the 1990s, but it never really worked. A proper, permanent tattoo is put into the dermis. This layer of skin never renews itself. It lies in the middle: the subcutis lies even further in the body, while the dermis is protected from the outside by the epidermis. The epidermis is constantly renewed; the cells are completely replaced once within a period of about four to five weeks. The supposedly temporary tattoos, advertised as Temptoo (temporary tattoo) or bio-tattoo, are supposed to be pierced into the epidermis without pigments getting into the dermis. Since the epidermis is only 0.03 to 0.05 mm thick, depending on the part of the body, this requires a great deal of skill.

In fact, a lot of the tattoos that were done as Temptoo weren't that temporary after all. Because even the smallest involuntary muscle twitches allow the needles to penetrate a little deeper when tattooing. Most temporary tattoos have left permanent marks on the dermis, the underlying dermis. And the rest of the color didn't go away after three to five years, as promised, but after a month or two.

Henna and decals

henna tattoo

Neither looks like a real tattoo, but serve the intended purpose. Of course, you shouldn't stick little pink glitter unicorns on your shoulder blade: It's about real motifs that look like real tattoos. If you are not sure whether the tattoo looks as good in the desired motif where it is planned, just give it a try. With a decal that is gone after four showers. Or with a henna tattoo. Henna is a plant color that penetrates the epidermis and remains there until the skin cells have been completely replaced. The pigments settle in the skin, do not slip, do not bleed, and only fade slowly. Many people have henna tattoos painted on, especially when they are on vacation in India and Asian countries as well as in the Mediterranean region.

tattoo arts

An alternative comes from the USA: The company Inkbox has developed another plant color that works in principle like henna. The paint can be stenciled or freehand applied at home with a little effort. For you as an undecided tattoo type, the second possibility is interesting: the tattoo artist can perhaps draw your desired motif on your skin for two to three weeks. It's painless, not as expensive as a permanent tattoo, and gives you an idea of ​​what you want to carry around with you in the future.

By the way, many tattoo studios also offer the possibility of making a more or less rough preliminary drawing of the tattoo on the desired skin area with a special pen. The color lasts for a couple of days so that the planned tattoo can be "tried out". How your taste will develop in the next twenty, thirty, fifty, or eighty years. It is therefore important that you understand why you want the tattoo.

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