Cleaning Makeup Brushes: These Gadgets Will Help You

Cleaning Makeup Brushes: These Gadgets Will Help You

Different types of makeup brushes

Make-up brushes are made of different materials, which must be taken into account when cleaning the brushes. Many high-quality makeup brushes are made of real hair. This comes from goats, martens, badgers, ponies, weasels, polecats and squirrels.
If you reject real hair brushes for health or ethical reasons, make-up brushes made of plastic are suitable for you. The most common models are made of nylon, Perlon, Tynex or Taklon. The latter is particularly an alternative for vegans because no animal testing is required to produce it. It is also great for allergy sufferers and is biodegradable.
Of course, it doesn't last the longest.
Natural hair brushes have an irregular surface. Chemicals, skin cells, bacteria and make-up residues are becoming increasingly lodged in it. This is the reason why make-up brushes from animal skins need to be cleaned more often and more intensively. At the same time, blemishes or irritations are avoided. The brushes are very fragile, which is why many natural hair brushes are not as durable as synthetic brushes.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes: These Gadgets Will Help You

That's why you should clean your makeup brushes regularly:

Hygiene: Cream residues, colour pigments and dust are stored in the make-up brushes. These clog the pores and can lead to skin impurities and irritation.
Regular cleaning and care of the makeup brushes ensure the longevity of the hair. So you don't have to invest in new makeup utensils again and again.
If you use many different colours, these of course mix in the brush. You always get the best make-up result with clean brushes and sponges.

Clean synthetic makeup brushes

Brushes made of artificial materials are more resistant and show less unevenness. This makes them more hygienic than makeup brushes made from animal hair and also easier to clean. Since hardly any residues accumulate in synthetic makeup brushes due to the smooth surface, you can simply clean them with warm water. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of baby shampoo.

A brush mat is ideal for wet cleaning because it catches the residue. This way, you don't have to rub the wet hairs in your palms when cleaning. The brush mat then takes over the rubbing effect for you, while colour pigments get caught in it.
Professional make-up brush cleaners are also suitable for gently and efficiently removing all residues. We recommend this, because thanks to the rotations, your makeup brushes can be cleaned and dried in less than 30 seconds. The makeup cleaner is supplied with two sachets of cleaning solution.
The Brushegg is also a great and super affordable gadget for cleaning heavily soiled makeup brushes. It is particularly practical for on the go because it is so handy.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes: These Gadgets Will Help You


Always let makeup brushes air dry after cleaning! Heating air or that of a hair dryer strain the hair too much. It is also important that you do not put the makeup brushes directly after cleaning, but ideally lay them on a towel overnight. So no water gets into the wooden handles. Otherwise, they can absorb liquid, be damaged and the hair of the brush will fall out.

Clean the make-up brush from real hair

You can also use shampoo to clean coarse natural hair brushes made from pig bristles, such as eyebrow brushes. Fine make-up brushes for loose powder or blush made from polecat or weasel fur, on the other hand, are too sensitive for this. The hairs could break off due to fat removal or lose their shape. With these special brushes, it is recommended to first tap them out and gently remove the make-up residues with a facial tissue.

The right brush care

Rub fine make-up brushes made of real hair carefully with coconut oil every few months, so they stay intact for a long time and are optimally cared for. However, you should not use the brushes for at least two days afterwards so that the oil can soak in and your cosmetic products are not unnecessarily contaminated.

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