Minimalism For Beginners: 3 Methods To Become A Minimalist

Minimalism: 3 Methods for Beginners


Minimalism as a lifestyle means conscious renunciation in order to make space for the essentials. Letting go of things is often difficult, however. These tips will help you get - and stay - minimalist within a few weeks.

The morning look into the closet regularly puts us under stress, the thought of the crowded basement compartment triggers panic and because of the paperwork on our desk, we move our workplace to the dining room without further ado. Everyone owns around 10,000 things on average. Separating yourself from things has a liberating effect - and is usually extremely difficult for us.

This is how you become a minimalist

Minimalism as a lifestyle represents a kind of counter-movement to consumerism and materialism. A minimalist life can be the solution to the material stress that many people suffer from, consciously or unconsciously. Because if you own little, you don't have to worry about less, but you have more space, time, and money. And that can make you happy.

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Minimalism: Less makes you happy

The less we have, the more space, money, and time we have for the essential things in life.

Far too often we keep things that we don't need because we think they might be useful again at some point. This day rarely really comes. You should, therefore, recognize superfluous things - and get rid of them. There are a few methods that can help you with this. How radical you go is entirely up to you. The minimalistic life should ultimately make you happier and not stress you.

1. "Eat the Frog first" - the worst comes first

Letting go of things is difficult, it happens to many. This method should help to overcome your inhibitions to parting with the property so that it will be easier for you to sort it out in the future.

You choose at least one of your favorite possessions that you can do without in the future. Don't throw it away, give it away or sell it. This experience may be hard, but at the same time, it shows us how little we ourselves need loved objects for a happy life. And in the future, it will be easier for you to consciously separate yourself from things that you don't really need.

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2. The “KonMari Method” - keep what makes you happy

Marie Kondo is a lifestyle expert and a miracle of order. She advises on cleaning up and throwing away and is quite successful with it. In principle, the KonMari method developed by her is about only keeping things that are fun.

You proceed as follows: Collect and sort everything you have: books for books, clothes for clothes. Pick up each item individually and ask yourself: Does this item arouse positive feelings in me? Do I feel joy? If so, you keep the item. If not, it will come away.

The KonMari method starts with less important things such as pots or cleaning utensils and works your way through clothes and books. Memorabilia come at the end. Very important: Complete one category before starting the next. Gradually there are only things in your apartment that give you pleasure. More about the KonMari method.


3. The basket method - the opposite of shopping

With the basket method, you grab a laundry basket, large box, or another container that size. Then you go around your apartment and rummage through your things - similar to buying clothes.

With these tips and methods, you can become a minimalist: the basket method
With a large basket, you can collect everything in your apartment that is unnecessary.
However, only things that you don't really like, that are actually unnecessary and steal space in your apartment are put in the basket. If the basket is full, you have reached your daily quota. If you do this for a whole week, a lot of the unnecessary should have disappeared from your apartment.

It is easier to start in one room and work your way gradually through the entire apartment or house. Depending on the size and ownership, this can take a little longer but is definitely worth it.

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