Anti-ageing: Why Collagen Is Necessary For The Fight Against Wrinkles And 4 Tips To Stimulate It

More resilience and elasticity for your skin

Anyone who deals with the topic of anti-ageing will come across the term collagen again and again. We will tell you why this protein plays such an important role in the fight against wrinkles and how you can integrate it into your skincare.


Almost every anti-ageing guide talks about collagen - but what is it actually? Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, 30 per cent of our proteins are collagen. These so-called structural proteins give our skin firmness. They are located in the deeper layers of the skin (in the dermis) and virtually form a framework over which the skin stretches.

With increasing age, this scaffold becomes weaker and weaker as the collagen production decreases. The result: Wrinkles can appear. Environmental influences such as UV light, light pollution and stress can also disrupt collagen production. These factors create free radicals that attack our body, especially the body's own collagen. This makes the skin structure brittle, the elasticity is lost and wrinkles can form.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep collagen production going.


4 tips on how to stimulate collagen production

1. Vitamin C as an anti-ageing miracle

Good anti-ageing care contains so-called antioxidants. The reason: you can neutralize free radicals. Vitamin C is particularly effective because it supports the body in the formation of collagen. Vitamin C serums are effective, which can penetrate particularly deeply into the skin layers and stimulate collagen production there.

 2. Never without UV protection!

If you enjoy extensive sunbathing without sun protection, you will get your receipt in old age and have more wrinkles. But even on cloudy days, it is worthwhile to apply for UV protection. The reason: collagen production is not reduced too much. Particularly important: if you take care of your skin with retinol, you should apply sunscreen every day.


 3. Smart snacks

Eat yourself young! With the right foods, you can also boost collagen production. Foods with amino acids are ideal. In addition to protein, meat, cheese and cabbage, foods rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, broccoli and oranges are also ideal for pushing the body's own collagen. Copper-rich foods (nuts, red meat) or foods with a high vitamin A content (liver, egg yolk, carrots and sweet potatoes) are also recommended.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle also has an impact on skin ageing. Therefore, it is important that you pursue a healthy lifestyle if possible. These include regular exercise and not using nicotine. The latter severely affects collagen production and promotes the formation of wrinkles.

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