7 Useful Tips Against Spring Fatigue


Isn't it unfair that we feel tired all the time while nature is reviving and greening, and it's almost like we're going to sleep where we stand? I can hear you asking, is there anything we can do against spring fatigue? Of course, as someone who suffers from spring fatigue, there are certain remedies that I apply. I want to share these with you too. 

Causes of Spring Fatigue 

One of the main reasons why we feel tired with the arrival of spring is the effect of the sun's rays, which are stronger than winter, on our hormones. A second reason is that the capillaries, which expand with the warming of the weather, slow down blood circulation. Regardless of the reasons for non-compliance with hot cold changes; Spring fatigue affects our quality of life quite negatively. 

7 Tips Against Spring Fatigue 

Fresh Air 

Get out to the fresh air and try to store oxygen. If you work in a closed office, try taking breaks in the fresh air. Clean air will be good for both our health and our soul. Getting sick during these seasons is quite common. Clean air protects us from diseases. If you also do breathing exercises outdoors; Your benefit will increase.


Take every opportunity to stay active and get moving. Most people think that activity makes me more tired, but this is faulty thinking. An active life makes us more energetic. Walk, run, and exercise whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or on the way home from work or vice versa, try to walk if possible. 

Consume Light and Healthy Foods 

Take care to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits containing vitamins. Avoid foods and pastries cooked with unhealthy fats. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Drinking plenty of fluids also helps prevent us from feeling tired. You can drink plenty of water and unsweetened herbal tea throughout the day. You can add lemon, parsley, mint, and ginger to the water you drink to have a detox effect. 

Keep a Health Fast 

 Taking long meal breaks, and resting the body by consuming yogurt and fruit some days will both help you in weight control and will be good for seasonal fatigue. 

Take a Cold Hot Shower 

Taking a cold, hot shower stimulates the metabolism. If you can't stand to take a shower with cold water, you can wash your neck and wrists with cold water. 

Spend Time With People Who Will Increase Your Motivation 

I always talk about the integrity of physical and mental health on the blog. Stay away from people who will suck your energy and make you unhappy; on the contrary, spend time with friends who will give you positive energy. I hope all this information will help you with the transition to spring. At the end of my article, I would like to share a workout video for spring. I wish you a healthy day :)

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