How to Make Sun and Waterproof Makeup?

Women wear make-up to cover skin imperfections and to look more beautiful. Make-up is healthier in the winter months. Because there is no high temperature in winter. Naturally, make-up does not bleed either. However, in the summer months, due to the high temperature, make-up deteriorates quickly and flows quickly. Apart from that, it is among the factors that spoil the make-up in water. When water is splashed on the face, the make-up will flow directly. Summer is the season of the sea and when we go to the sea, we have to go without make-up. For this reason, we look neglected in all our sea photos.

However, it is also possible to apply make-up that is resistant to sun and water. By giving importance to durability when applying make-up; Sun and water resistant make-up should be applied.

How to Make Sun and Waterproof Makeup?

Spray for Fixing Makeup

Make-up is fixed with the make-up fixing spray, which has been released recently and spread rapidly. After applying make-up to your face, the make-up can be frozen by spraying from a distance of three to four inches. Make-up fixing spray is ideal to keep the make-up frozen in water and in the sun. By closing your eyes and spraying your whole face, you will fix the make-up on your whole face, including your eye make-up.

Transparent Powder for Fixing Makeup

Make-up fixing spray is not the only material to be used to fix make-up. When applied correctly to the face in transparent powder, it will be ensured that the make-up is not damaged in water and in the sun. However, it is more correct to use a fixing spray instead of transparent powder to fix make-up. Eye makeup cannot be fixed with powder. The ideal thing for this is to either use the right mascara or use a make-up fixing spray.

 Waterproof Mascara

Especially in mascara, we have to use waterproof mascara. Even when water touches waterproof mascara in many brands, make-up will not shed. Make-up that does not flow will be made with waterproof mascara. After using waterproof mascara, you can take a shower or swim in the sea. In any case, your make-up will not run.

Cream Blush

Powder blushes will flow instantly in water. However, using cream or liquid blush will increase the longevity of the blush on the skin. In addition to the increase in the permanence of the blush on the skin, the blush will not flow when water touches it. Instead of using cream blush only in the sea, it would be best to choose a cream or liquid blush in general.

You can need waterproof makeup not only for summer. For different occasions it can be very useful. For parties, for a shooting etc.

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