12 Styling Hacks To Make You Stylish Forever

 These styling rules will help you to find your own style step by step and they will make you stylish forever. Here are our 12 styling hacks:

1. Find a good tailor - fit is everything!

In an ideal world, we would make a pilgrimage to London's Savile Row and have coats, blazers, and dresses made from the finest fabrics tailored for us by skilled craftsmen. But you can also find a realistic alternative around the corner: small tailoring shops that make sure that the new pencil skirt ends in exactly the right place and that you no longer sink into the vintage jacket. Only if clothes fit really well do you look really good in them. So invest a few extra euros and let the tailor you trust shorten, widen, waist or sew as much as you can.

2. Don't worry about clothing size

36, 38, or 44 - these are just stupid numbers that say nothing about whether a piece of clothing fits well and whether you feel comfortable in it. Only buy items that really fit you. And cut out the small pieces of paper with the size information if you are irritated that you are wearing a size larger than usual.

3. Invest in smart underwear

A well-fitting bra and panties that neither pinch nor pinch and do not show are the basis for a successful outfit. With the right underwear, the clothes fall better - and you feel more comfortable. Take your time and get advice from a specialist shop.

4. Find out which cuts flatter you - and stick to them

"If only I weighed five kilos less, the skinny jeans would fit perfectly..." Instead of working through such thoughts, you should put your energy into finding the right cut for your figure. Do you regularly get compliments when you wear a slightly flared dress? Then buy another one! Do you feel much more comfortable in bell bottoms than in skin-tight jeans? Then make them your trademark. Are you the miniskirt and sneaker type? Then why would you hide in a maxi skirt?

5. Use the magical powers of accessories

As early as the 1950s, Christian Dior stated in his "Dictionary of Elegance" that a woman of the world cannot do without accessories. And yes, we repeat ourselves, but you can't say it often enough: An eye-catching necklace or a silk scarf - currently worn tightly knotted around the neck - can transform a bland combination of pants and T-shirt into a real outfit.

6. Pay attention to materials

Good material is not necessarily more expensive! Buy a classic white cotton blouse or a beautifully patterned viscose dress - basics that are ideal accomplices for fashion imposture. Nobody realizes that they may have only cost 20$. Be careful with synthetic fibers! A wrap dress made of polyester jersey that charges your hair, or sweaters made of acrylic with fluff quickly look like grabbing toys.

7. Beware of the sale: Don't fall into a shopping frenzy!

The trick is: spend money to save! Do you know how much money you invest in fashion every month? Write it down - you spend a lot in passing, for a bargain in the discounter or the somewhat too small but cheap ballerinas in the sale. So at home, you collect mountains of shoes that pinch and clothes that look like clothes collection after the first wash. The pretty sum that comes together in this way is better invested in a high-quality part. With a great handbag made of real leather, you show much more style than with four different models made of plastic.

8. Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick

Not only the clothes you wear are decisive for a great appearance, but also details such as hairstyle and make-up. If you love simple outfits such as shirt blouses with jeans or plain-colored dresses, you can simply wear bright lipstick with them, for example. You will be remembered: "That's the one who always has such great red lips..."

9. Organize your closet

After clearing out you can get an overview of your wardrobe. Color combinations that run like a red thread through your wardrobe help to establish a personal style and become less dependent on the whims of fashion. Are you maybe the black and white type? Excellent! Or do you always end up with light grey, cream, and white? Congratulation! Stick with it and only treat yourself to a fashion refresh every now and then.

10. Enter into long-term relationships

For example, buy a tailored blazer. It is timeless and looks perfect with jeans and Converse Chucks, but also with khaki trousers and an ethnic scarf or elegantly with Marlene trousers and a blouse. Other textile companions: dark blue jeans, an off-white or camel-colored cardigan, and the little black dress.

11. Expand your hunting ground

Shopping through the pedestrian zone and then getting angry that your colleague bought the same thing? Try somewhere else: in thrift stores, Asian shops, a small label boutique, or online shops that not everyone knows.

12. Pay attention to well-groomed shoes

Have you ever seen stylish fashionistas with dirty shoes or worn-out soles? No! Therefore, take care of your shoes regularly, waterproof them, and give them to the cobbler regularly. It doesn't matter whether they cost 50 or 500 $.

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