Active Monday-10 Minutes Summer Beach Body Workout & Dark Berries-Almond Smoothie

Hello to everyone! We have still a few weeks of summer and I try to enjoy them all. How is going on for you? Are you enjoying summer? At least on the weekends. I  have the luck to work from home and I can arrange my time as I wish. So I am working early in the morning and in the evening and enjoying the hot hours in the swimming pool.
So, it's Active Monday again! Today I would like to suggest the 10 minutes summer beach body workout from legendary trainer Denise Austin. And a very tasty and healthy dark berries smoothie with the almond drink.

Smoothie with dark berries and almond drink


1 piece Organic banana
1 cup Organic Blueberries
300ml Organic almond drink (unsweetened, chilled)
Peel and chop the banana.

Mix the banana with the blueberries and the almond drink well with the hand blender.

Pour into nice glasses and enjoy ice-cold.

Tip: Ice cubes provide that refreshing extra kick.

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