Why You Should Wash Your Bra Properly


This is what happens when you wash your bra too infrequently

We change our underpants every day, and we also put on our bras a second time. But there is a risk of bacteria, fungi, and bad smells!

Underpants and socks see the washing machine as often as they see our skin. Sure, anything else would be dingy. Our bras often have to hold out longer because washing bras is annoying: it's best to pack them in a laundry net, the straps get tangled and so on, we all know that.

The bra is also part of the underwear!

The bra does not come into contact with your feet or your private parts, but it is still part of the underwear that you wear directly on the skin. That entails certain risks.


Sweat also accumulates in the bra: not as much as in the socks, but a little bit. The moisture increases the friction of the fabric on the skin. This irritates the nipples and the skin under the breasts.

Where there is moisture, bacteria and fungi are not far away. If you wash the bra too seldom, they multiply in it and can trigger unpleasant inflammation or even cause skin fungus.


Pimples often appear in places where the skin cannot breathe. Tight-fitting underwear such as sports bras put a strain on the skin anyway, and small pimples appear on them, especially on the shoulders and chest. Pimples are also an inflammatory reaction of the skin and the less often you wash your bra, the more severe they appear.


Actually, deodorants promise today that they prevent sweat stains under the arms. But sometimes the advertising promise fails or the deodorant prevents sweating under the armpits, but leaves its own mark. Neither is appetizing, but what does the bra have to do with it? Quite simply: it is the garment that suffers. Because it absorbs some of the marks just like your shirt.


Uncomfortable, but we have to talk about it: If you don't wash your bra for too long, it will eventually stink. Sweat and dead skin cells collect in the cups. The warm, humid climate attracts bacteria to decompose this melange. This creates bad smells that can also be transferred to shirts and blouses. You can cover it up with a lot of perfume, but it's still not appetizing.

Wash the bra properly

Don't worry, you still don't have to wash the bra every day, but after every other day, it simply belongs in the wash. Sports bras are different. It has to go in the washing machine after every workout, after all, you've really sweated it out.

If your laundry smells a bit musty, you can add a disinfectant additive to the laundry. This kills the bacteria and fungi that cause that smell. Ideally, you should wash your bras at 60 degrees if they can handle it. That also kills germs for sure. If you tend to sweat a lot in your bra, you can use special compresses or cotton bras that regulate the skin climate better.

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  1. I can't wash my bras at 60° because they can't handle such high temperatures, hence some of them must be handwah and that's why I wear them very seldom but I always use an disinfectant at each wash. To avoid sweating I use a powder and that is why it prolongues the time between washes. Nice tips, all if them are suoer useful!

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