Foundation - A Must-have When Applying Make-up

 Foundation - A must-have when applying make-up

Do you want a perfectly made-up look? Then under no circumstances should you do without foundation! Because this beauty product is the basis of a good make-up look! Foundation not only creates an even complexion and conceals imperfections, but also covers redness and ensures that your face is radiant at any time of the day!

Where and how do I apply the foundation correctly?

Foundation is applied all over the face. If you want to put on your make-up properly, you have to consider a couple of things. It is important that the facial skin is well cleaned and cared for before application. The make-up is then applied to the face with a brush or sponge and blended in light circular and dabbing movements so that the face does not appear blotchy. A tip: apply your foundation in a well-lit area. This way you can see better where there are still unfaded areas and prevent your make-up from being worked in irregularly.

However, the foundation cannot only be applied to a full-face make-up look. For natural make-up, simply apply a little foundation to small areas of redness, if necessary you can also use a concealer to conceal blotchy skin and imperfections. Fancy that certain something extra on your face? Then apply an additional highlighter to the highest point of your cheeks. So you look super fresh, radiant, and naturally beautiful!

Is there a difference between makeup and concealer?

Make-up and concealer are not the same product. A concealer is designed to cover specific areas of the face. These include, for example, pimples or dark circles under the eyes. Foundation or make-up is not only applied to specific areas or blemishes because there should be an even image for the entire face. In addition, concealer is more pigmented than make-up and therefore has more coverage. Normally both are used when applying make-up, first the concealer, then the foundation. dm has all-in-one products for customers who need something quick in the morning. These act as a 2-in-1 product and cover up dark circles and impurities and ensure an even complexion throughout the day.

Which make-up is right for me?

Finding the right make-up can sometimes be a bit difficult. Often you just have to try out a few foundations before you find the right color for you. It is important that the shade you choose is neither too dark nor too light for your own skin tone. Since our skin color changes throughout the year, it can also happen that your foundation from winter suddenly no longer suits your skin in spring. Then you should simply buy these ones to two skin tones darker.

Powder foundation is very suitable for people with oily skin, as liquid make-up would supply the skin with additional liquid and thus make it appear even oilier. Natural cosmetics brands produce make-up without synthetic preservatives for customers with dry or very sensitive skin. If you would like to buy your make-up sustainably, you will find it among the vegan brands.

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