My Honest Shein Review ( Important Information For Europe Orders !!!)

How is shein shopping done? How much postage does Shein charge? Is customs duty paid in Shein shopping? Issues that are curious about those who want to order from Europe. In this article, I wanted to mourn about Shein, one of the top sellers. Thus, those who want to shop from Chinese companies can also have information.

My Honest Shein Review

Read these before you order from Europe!!! Lesen sie die infos for eure Europa Bestellungen!!!

For many years, I have worked with Shein as both a blogger and an affiliate. In this sense, we parted ways with the company last year. I had bought some gift products within the framework of our company cooperation before, so I knew the products of the brand. Although Chinese companies are trying to be shown on the blacklist at this time, both the variety of models and the suitability of prices are the reason for the preference of people who are considering their budget.

Although I no longer have a cooperation with the company, I wanted to place an order with my own means. The tax issue had me thinking. However, after doing detailed research on the internet, I read that 19% tax + customs duty is added over €26 and 19% over €150. In other words, when you make a purchase of 50 €, you have to pay 9.5 € tax. In fact, it is still not very expensive considering the product prices.

For orders under 25 €, a postage fee of 4.50 € is paid for shipping to Austria. After 39€ you don't have to pay a postage fee.

While I was researching where the customs tax is paid, I also read in the article that the company undertakes this tax. However, I do not fully understand whether it reflects this in the prices. I will try once.

I chose two t-shirts for myself and one for my daughter from Shein. When I added the coupon code given on the page, my purchase cost 19€. Honestly, I think it's a fair price for 3 t-shirts.

I think the quality-price ratio of the products is good. I'm considering ordering again from time to time, paying attention to the price adjustment. Also, I received my package in about two weeks.

This was my honest shein review and not a collaboration with the brand. All items are paid for by me.

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