4 New Pieces From My 2019 Summer Wardrobe

Hi everybody !!! I am here again with some new pieces from my summer 2019 wardrobe. Sure casual style and very very comfortable is the a and z for my own style

summer 2019

White pants with flower  patterns. I combinated it with a blue top this time. I can also wear it with purple, pink, light green one color tops or blouses. 

summer 2019

I love t shirt with this pics. I combinate it with jeans, skirts or shorts. 

summer 2019

Batwings tunica with armless top. I combinate it with jeans, mini skirts or shorts.

summer 2019-my style

A very light pink blouse with a nice back ornamental. I combinate it with mini shirts, jeans and shorts. 
As I told at the beginning of my post, I preffer casual, street style all year long. I think every woman has to fing her own style. You can wear the expensivest and fashisonable clothes, but if it is not your style they will not suit you at all. First of all, you have to feel you ok in your clothes. Have a nice stylish day :)

  • İf you are a fashion brand and you want to collaborate with me, please feel free to contact. 

  • This is not a promotional post. All products are selbst paid. 

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