Active Monday -23

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At our 23. week of Active Monday it' a all about relaxing. Summer days can be very active and not only with your job. We are celebrating a little bit more, we are going to swimm a lot and after those activities we have to give a breat to our body with healthy foods and stretching. 

Health Tipps This Week:

smoothie-avokado smoothie

Green Smoothie

Mix green apple and avocado with 1 piece of fresh ginger, plenty of yoghurt and honey to fill one glass of water. 

Workout Video This Week

As I told you at the beginning of my post, it' s all about relaxing. I will share you a daily stretching routine video today. We need stretching as well, as our regular workouts. Stretching is very important before and after a workout, but also for relaxing. Wenn you are tyred make some stretching moves and you will see that you will feel yourself better.

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