Skin Care in Autumn - 7 Important Points For Your Autumn Beauty


Skin Care in Autumn

Skin Care in Autumn. The summer season is over and we are in wonderful autumn. Hot summer days with intense heat and scorching sun have now given way to cool swarms and nights. Autumn is the time to make some changes in our skin, just like life changes. In the summer season,  sun, sea, and hot weather conditions, spots occur on our skin. The skin becomes dry and shows earlier signs of aging. Since the sunlight will be less in autumn than in summer, protein loss occurs in the cells of our skin. Dryness and hardening of the skin begin to occur.

We had fun, we had a vacation, and now it's time to listen to our skin and give it a nice post-summer care. Today we would like to inform you about 7 important points for your autumn beauty.

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What to Do for Skin Care in Autumn?

You can continue reading our article for the answer to the question of what to do for skincare in autumn.

1- Steam bath

2- Clay mask

3- Peeling

4- Creams and serums containing vitamin C

5- A healthy and balanced diet

6- Green tea

7- Oil-based moisturizers

The most important rule to get rid of the spots on our skin after the summer season is to include products rich in vitamin C. You can also have laser treatment to achieve spotless healthy skin. Peeling once or twice a week at home or at the beauty center you have been to will be very important and effective during this period. It is one of the best ways of care to get rid of the dead cells on the skin with the tiredness of the summer months.

Steam bath is important for the skin in autumn. Because the effect of the heat has passed and now it protects our skin against the cold due to the colder weather. Steam bath is important against sudden weather changes.

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In the summer season, the skin is exposed to many harmful substances, while the hot weather, the effect of the sea and the pool. With the importance we give to our skincare, especially in the autumn season, we can say a healthier and stronger hello to winter. Therefore, steam baths are very important on the skin.

Whether you want ready-made clay masks or you can easily prepare yourself at home, clay masks are among the things that should be done in the autumn months.

Peeling, as you know, is the process of purifying the skin from dead cells. It is generally recommended to do it every two weeks, but after the summer season, the cells need to be renewed more because the skin is exposed to the sun and heat. That's why you should exfoliate once a week until your skin returns to its old healthy state. If you say you don't want chemicals, you can prepare it yourself very simply with only 2-3 ingredients at home.

You can get support from creams or serums containing vitamin C, which you can easily find in all cosmetic markets. During this period, the skin will need more nutrition. You can help your skin to regenerate with a cream or serum suitable for your skin type.

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Pay attention to nutrition with natural and healthier products. Especially if you have a diet that is always harmful, such as fast food, definitely leave it immediately. As you know, fast food is a diet that leads to excess fat and acne formation more quickly. It is inevitable for our skin to experience problems due to our diet. In any case, stay away from fast food. Make sure to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumption of carrots, tomatoes, and apricots is especially important.

Make sure to consume plenty of green tea. You know how many benefits green tea has. Green tea will especially support you in the later aging of the skin.

In this autumn period, you need to save not only your face area but your entire skin from the dryness of summer. You should use moisturizing creams. Do not forget that it will be more effective to apply moisturizing creams while your skin is still wet. Apply to damp skin, not dry skin.

To get rid of the dryness of the summer season, also include more oil-based products. Of course, if you have oily skin, use a water-based moisturizer.

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