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Hello to everyone. You know, I've told you about promptly journal's great bullet journals and gave you the detailed information in the past.

If you haven't read that post:

Digital and Handwritten Bullet Journals

I love using romantic bullet journals. A feature of promptly journal products is that they have different products on each subject. Thus, you can have the opportunity to write a bullet journal on different topics such as diary, birthday, wedding.

Also, promptly journals, which do not forget those who like to use digital journals, sell products in this area as well.

I'm more of a fan of old-style journals, but since we live in an age where digitality is at the forefront, these products also attract a lot of attention.

Promptly journals now introduce its products in a brand new color to its fans. I'm sure you'll like the aloe green-colored journalls too.

Aloe Green Journalls

Don't you think they are wonderful? I am in love with those aloe green journals.

Powder blue Promptly Journals

Another lovely color is powder blue. 

Promptly Birthday journals

If you plan to have a birthday journal for your kids, this is exactly the right place for you. Just take a look at Promptly Birthday Journals.

Don't miss this flash sale opportunity and grab your favorite promptly journal if you also are a bullet journal fan :)

All bullet journals: Promptly journals collection

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