Active Monday- Sideline Barre Workout & Grapefruit-Peppermint Detox Water

Hello everyone. A new Active Monday arrived. I can't believe how quickly a week has passed. It was really a very busy week. Now I need new energy and I hope you need it too. I have a short body barre workout for arms, obliques, legs, and hips. And for some detoxifying a grapefruit peppermint detox water recipe. It's very easy to prepare and very healthy. 

Today my Sohn Ada has his 15th Birthday. All summer long he prepares for us the Active Monday articles. Thanks to my baby and Happy Birthday 💓💓💓

Grapefruit peppermint water

For this fresh drink, simply cut ½ lime into slices and ½ grapefruit also cut into slices in your bowl. In addition, add half a snake cucumber and a handful of mint leaves to your drink. Let it steep for a few hours with the water.

This water supports the kidneys in their work, cleanses the metabolism, and ensures clean skin.

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