How To Combine Jewelry? 3 Jewellery Combining Ideas




How to combine jewelry

We have suggested many combinations and we have completed most of our combination suggestions with sentences such as "You can get a nice look by completing your combination with the right jewelry". We can easily say that every garment has a suitable atmosphere and if we cannot combine these clothes with the right legs, that air will deteriorate. So, what is the right jewelry combination, how to make the right jewelry combination? If you have such questions in your mind, this article is for you. Here is the answer to the question of how to combine jewelry.

How to choose necklaces?

1. Beaded necklaces:

We started the number one item with the beaded necklaces that are everywhere this summer. When you want to add color to your combination or when you are bored with classic jewelry, beaded jewelry can take its place as savior pieces. When you go on a vacation, you can use bead jewelry that matches your swimsuit or bikini, or you can add color to your combination with colorful bead necklaces when you wear plain dresses with open necks.

2. Elegant chain necklaces:

Thin chain necklaces are a piece suitable for all styles, whether stylish or sporty. All you need is an open collar blouse, dress, t-shirt, or shirt. Make a combination that suits your style with these pieces and complete your combination with elegant chain necklaces.

3. Multiple necklaces:

Multiple necklaces are one of the most preferred necklace types, especially in summer. It is one of the pieces that you can use at the invitation, on the holiday, at the wedding, in short, wherever you want. You can combine it with a v-neck blouse in summer or with a turtleneck sweater in winter. The choice is yours .

How should the bracelets be combined?

Since bracelets are not as compatible as necklaces and earrings, they may not be included in every combination. However, we can easily say that when the bracelets are combined correctly, they will add a different atmosphere to you. Here are 3 bracelet suggestions we have prepared for you:

1. Beaded bracelets:

If you want your beaded bracelets to look more pleasant, we recommend you choose plain clothes. You can get a nice look by completing your simple combination with colorful bead bracelets.

2. Chain bracelets:

You can have a nice look by completing your stylish combinations with chain or metal-style bracelets.

3. Seashell bracelets:

I guess we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say the vegetation of summer months and holiday resorts for seashell bracelets . You can also be cool by completing your summer and trill combinations with seashell bracelets.

How should earrings be combined?

Earrings are one of the most important pieces that add air to our combinations. While we can increase the elegance of our combination when we choose a suitable earring, we can also make our combination worse when we cannot choose the appropriate earring. At this point, if you have a question about which earrings are suitable for which style, continue reading our article.

1. Hoop earrings

If you are going to use hoop earrings in your daily combinations, you can get a sporty look by choosing a simpler hoop earring. If you want to use your hoop earrings in a stylish combination, you can make your earrings stand out by making a bun or ponytail.

2. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are one of the pieces that represent naivety. You can make a simple and stylish combination and complete your combination with pearl earrings. But remember, combining mixed-patterned clothes with thin earrings will complicate your combination rather than being very nice, it's our word

3. Long dangling earrings

Stylish combinations are very nice when completed with long earrings. When you go to an invitation, wedding, or dinner, you can make a stylish combination and complete your combination with long dangle earrings. It's that easy to look nice. 

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