Don't Make These 4 Hair Washing Mistakes

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We use care products and sometimes let the hair air dry. That's enough for healthy, shiny hair, isn't it? Experts say that we do a lot wrong when we wash our hair.

Healthy, shiny hair is every woman's dream. There are now many remedies to take care of fine, flat, dry, or oily hair. The right care starts with washing your hair. Do you really know how to wash hair properly?

Washing your hair properly

Beautiful hair is a question of proper care. But it starts with washing your hair properly. Read about what you can do wrong in the shower.

Washing your hair daily

Dry hair, in particular, should not be washed as often; it is actually sufficient to wash normal hair about every five days. If you prefer to wash daily for personal reasons, it is a good idea to use a mild shampoo, preferably completely free of silicone and parabens. Ideally, you should also dilute the shampoo as it contains surfactants. They clean well but also dry out the hair.

Whether fine, oily, or colored hair: Use a shampoo that is tailored to your hair type.

Not washing out dirt properly

Do you rarely have to wash your hair? Then it is advisable to do two washes the next time. Apply the shampoo with your palms only the first time. The reason: The coarse dirt such as exhaust fumes and care products must first be removed from the hair before the second intensive wash. Because if you use your fingers for the first wash, you will also massage the dirt into your scalp.

Washing hair too hot

Warm showerers have to be very strong now. You should wash your hair with lukewarm water that is at maximum body temperature. Those who take hot water not only stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, but also the production of fat. Experts recommend rinsing with cold water, this will make your hair shine.

Normal shampoo despite many styling products

 Are you a hairspray fan or can't do without set mousse? Then an ordinary shampoo might not be enough to clean your hair. Deep cleansing shampoos, on the other hand, loosen residues and wash them optimally.

Tip: A few strong brush strokes through the hair remove styling product residues before cleaning.

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