What Is Clubhouse Chat App? How To Use Clubhouse? How To Become A Clubhouse Member?

 I wondered what clubhouse is and how can someone be a member of the clubhouse?  Because everybody is talking about this, I thought I'd do some research. Of course, I wouldn't have to post on my blog too :) All the information I could find about Clubhouse:


What is Clubhouse?

Social media platforms, which are among the applications that web technologies include in human life, have created a new media apart from the traditional media understanding while enabling a two-way and simultaneous interaction. While users are also becoming active in this new media environment, unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, with the creation of a new social platform, named Clubhouse. The question about the platform also started to take place.

Clubhouse, which is known as a social networking platform, draws attention with its functioning different from the known channels, and currently works for IOS users. While voice communication becomes possible in the application, which has chat rooms, Clubhouse is also the center of attention of social media.

The social media platform called Clubhouse was launched in 2020 and caught the expected attention in a short time. The platform, which has gained a rapid rise among social media users in a short time, has some different features from other media channels as one of its distinguishing features.

Clubhouse, an American-based application, is a platform that not everyone can join and be developed by two young entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that participation can be made via invitation, it is a matter of attracting more attention of users. One of the interesting developments about the application is that some users put the invitation code on sale. I was very surprised to see it as a clubhouse invitation for sale in several forums.

When you subscribe to the application, the invitation by the participant can be seen in his profile. When the participant joins in any room and wants to join the conversation, he or she has to raise a hand. While users have the chance to improve their foreign language skills thanks to this application, this platform actively serves the participants on many issues such as socializing and acquiring the environment.

Despite being a new application, Clubhouse, which attracts attention as a platform where people from many sectors such as various company executives and entrepreneurs participate, seems to be one of the platforms that more users may want to participate in the coming days.

While the application can be actively used after being downloaded to phones, users are required to receive an invitation to do so. In the interaction performed in the chat room under the supervision of an administrator, the user can participate in the meeting with the permission of the chat manager or can only participate in such meetings as a listener.

The developer of the application, which emerged as a new social media platform, is a software company called Alpha Exploration Co. Although the company has prepared the application only for IOS users, it is planned to develop this application for Android phones in the coming days.

An invitation system has been created for participation in the Clubhouse and the user can participate in the voice chat rooms if they receive an invitation. An invitation to be received from another user who uses the application to become a member of the system also provides the opportunity to log into the system.

Clubhouse application is currently an application that is being worked on and is still being developed. With the adoption of Android phones in the coming days, the platform, which is expected to appeal to a much wider audience, allows users to choose according to their preferences, while the presence of different chat rooms is followed with interest by a large audience.

Clubhouse, which can also be thought of as a kind of communication application, is a separate channel with the lack of many features that we encounter in other social media platforms. Many features such as messaging, sending likes, or commenting are not used on this platform.

People cannot share photos or videos from this medium. While the self-definition of the application is in the form of voice chat rooms, it has an environment where real voices are used. Speakers, listeners, and moderators in the rooms are the defining elements of the meeting, and voice chats take place with their participation.

While the chat environments that occur in the rooms vary depending on the number of participants, there is a chat time that is directly proportional to the quality of the meeting or the performances of the participants.

Some chats take a few hours, while others can be completed in shorter times. While chats have the feature of being performed live, they are not recorded, so they develop instantly. Participants have the right to use their preferences in this direction when they want to switch to a different speaking room during the chat.

Since the meeting is not recorded after the meeting is over, there is no chance to listen or watch it again. As the application develops and renews itself day by day, creativity stands out in this way. The types of meetings people can attend can be on quite different topics.

Question and answer rooms, book clubs, talk showrooms, interview rooms, music, comedy, or other rooms have been made possible for people to both have fun and obtain information. Therefore, it seems inevitable that the application will become more widespread in the coming days.

Underlying the success of Clubhouse is that during the pandemic period, this platform constitutes a resource for users regarding the need for people to lock themselves up and socialize. It is true that it is an application closely followed by many users, although it is not foreseen at the moment whether this platform will preserve its importance in the event that human interactions return to normal with the disappearance of social distances and the disappearance of pandemic conditions.


What are the Features of the Clubhouse?

  • The clubhouse is an application developed for IOS operating systems.
  • Participants are accepted by invitation to interactions in chat rooms.
  • An invitation request received from a clubhouse user participant is a necessary condition for the other user to participate in this platform and to create a membership.
  • It is an application that emerged as a new social media platform.
  • Chat rooms are determined by topic title
  • After becoming a member, the participant can accompany the meeting as an audience.
  • Voice interaction is performed in chat rooms
  • There is no photo or text-based sharing in the application, which functions differently from other social media platforms.
  • Another feature of the application is that it does not have features such as likes, comments, or messages.
  • When participants want to join the conversation, it is enough to raise their hands.
  • While chat rooms are created according to various user groups with different interests, users can interact in any room they want. During the chat, the user also has the right to switch to another room.
  • Interactions in chat rooms are not recorded, so they do not have a chance to rest or watch again
  • The duration of the meetings can vary depending on the topic or the number of participants.

Clubhouse Membership Conditions

Since Clubhouse is an application developed only for the IOS operating system at the moment, the first of the terms of membership is to have devices with such an operating system.

While the application has the feature of being used by users after being downloaded to the phone, the platform includes the participant in the waiting list after the username is selected. If an invitation is received from a participant who is a member of the application, membership can be achieved without the need to enter the waiting list.

After the membership process is completed, the participant can join any chat room that attracts his attention. Depending on their personal preferences, the participant can participate in the conversation in these rooms or as a listener.

Clubhouse, which is a new channel among social media platforms, is expected to have much more followers when it is developed for Android phones in the following days, but it is seen that it becomes more attractive with the addition of new innovation for the application every day.

Honestly, I was curious about the clubhouse application, which I see that a lot of people are talking about, but I found that an application like chat rooms was not suitable for me. Working with the invitation system might make it mysterious and intriguing, but I don't know how necessary it is. New platforms come out every day, of course, all of them have their own users. I only use social media as much as I need, better read a book than spend the rest of my time in the chat room. The choice is up to you :)

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