Some Changes We Made In Our Home

 Hello to everyone. As my regular readers know, I live in a house with my family. When my 20-year-old elder son moved out this year, some space became available in the house. I wanted an office for myself for a long time. As a home-working mother, I had to do my work at the kitchen table for years because I didn't have a space of my own. However, when the kitchen is a common space for the whole family, this was a challenge for me.

my new home office

My New Home Office

I succeeded in fulfilling this dream by turning my son's room into an office for myself. Now I can close my door and concentrate on my work. My notes, my laptop, and all the tools I need are in my room. Believe me, the quality of my work has improved and this change has come to be auspicious. I would like to talk about what I paid attention to while preparing my room.
First of all, our house is near to the forest and we have a very beautiful nature view. I put my desk right in front of the window so that I look at nature through the glass from time to time while working. This sounds good to me.
A large desk was what I have always wished for. I always wanted to have enough room for my notes, laptop, pens, coffee, and a few accessories. So I chose a fairly large table and I absolutely believe I made the right decision. It's a great chance that there is enough room to work.
Other than that, I didn't need any details other than the right lighting and a quiet environment.

a room for my daughter

A Room For My Daughter

There was also a room where my children played and watched TV when they were younger. We made this room for my 9-year-old daughter as a game and TV room. It became a room with lots of pinks, suitable to her own taste. Since her bedroom is so small, almost all of her time is spent in this room. She plays games, playing piano, watches TV, reads books.

But since the room is in the attic, there is a skylight. We are looking for flat fixed rooflights with a frame to have pleasant lighting in the room in the evening. I think this lighting will suit the room very well and create a different atmosphere.

My daughter also liked the idea very much and is impatiently waiting for the new lighting.
As you can see these two changes we made at home, was good for the two women of the house. These changes and arrangements applied in homes from time to time make daily life relaxing. It was extremely important to have my own space, especially for a woman like me who works at home and spends most of her time at home.
I wish everyone to realize their dream environments ... Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you happy days.

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