7 Beauty Secrets Of Indian Women


7 Beauty Secrets Of Indian Women

7 Beauty Secrets Of Indian Women

One look at Bollywood films is enough to turn green with envy. Flawless skin and thick, shiny hair - these are the ideals of beauty of Indian women who have long been among the most beautiful women in the world. Reason enough to take a closer look at their beauty secrets.



Nice through soul balance - those who are at peace with themselves also radiate that. Indian women trust in the thousands of years old knowledge of the Indian healing method Ayurveda, which knows the connections between a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and natural beauty. Its elements are supposed to bring body, mind, and soul into harmony, reduce stress, and provide more energy. In addition to a healthy diet, yoga, stimulating massages and meditation are part of traditional Ayurveda rituals.


Many Ayurveda treatments have both a relaxing and beauty effect. The full body massage before showering or bathing in the morning is of particular importance. Indian women maintain regular self-massage with sesame or rose oil to support the body in detoxification, to strengthen the connective tissue, and to make the skin soft and supple. The subsequent bath in fresh medicinal herbs such as chamomile, linden blossom, or essential oils cleanses the body of the secreted waste and ensures relaxation.


7 Beauty Secrets Of Indian Women


Bathing means a lot in Indian tradition. So it serves primarily not only for physical but rather for spiritual purification. Indian women do without conventional soaps! The ingredients of these beauty baths are made up of essential oils, milk, honey, vinegar, or medicinal herb essences and are a true ceremony of physical and mental relaxation.


Indian women swear by the power and effects of precious oils. Whether sesame, rose, almond, coconut, or castor oil, both the body and the hair are nourished with the nourishing elixirs. The scalp in particular receives its own beauty ritual. Before shampooing, which Indian women usually only wash once a week, castor oil is massaged into the hair and scalp in order to stimulate the hair roots and strengthen the hair. In addition, the oil helps to cleanse the hair by removing dust particles and dandruff.

 Incidentally, “oil pulling” also originally comes from Ayurvedic medicine. Before you brush your teeth in the morning, pull a tablespoon of oil back and forth between your teeth for about 10 minutes. According to Ayurveda, stimulating the tongue reflex zones not only flushes toxins out of the mouth but also out of the whole body.

7 Beauty Secrets Of Indian Women


Henna - called Mehendi or mehndi in India - is not only used by Indian women as ritual body decoration but also as hair care. Henna is particularly well tolerated and does not contain any chemical substances that could damage the hair. Rather, the natural product cares for the forelock and prevents hair breakage, split ends, dry and dull hair. Regular use of henna can even make head hair problems go away completely.



The golden all-rounder turmeric comes from South Asia and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. The yellow spice is rich in vitamins and contains numerous minerals, has anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and detoxifying effects. Its yellow color, curcumin, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radicals and slows down the aging process. Indian women know about their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on skin prone to blemishes. The vitamins and minerals it contains also stimulate the production of collagen and help with cell renewal.


Rosewater has long been known in India for its beautifying effect. Impure skin in particular benefits from the antibacterial and calming effect of rose water. Redness is neutralized, the skin is supplied with moisture and slightly matted. Indian women also use the precious water for their hair, as it is sprayed on for a beautiful shine and strengthens the hair structure. The essential oil of the rose is extremely complex and contains almost 400 high-quality ingredients that include anti-inflammatory, anti-cramping, harmonizing, and mood-enhancing effects. Its regenerative and skin-tightening effect makes it an indispensable companion for Indian women. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and improves the elasticity of the facial skin.

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