5 Secret Beauty Tricks Of Scandinavian Women

Scandinavian women are famous for their natural beauty and their typical glow. Here are their beauty secrets.

5 Secret Beauty Tricks Of  Scandinavian Women

Northern Europe is not only on the rise when it comes to fashion. Because the unmistakable, Scandinavian look not only includes an outfit, but also the beauty look. And because it is always so beautifully effortless and natural for Swedes, Norwegians and Co., we take a closer look at their beauty routines. Because with a few simple tips and tricks you can also get the typical Scandi glow.

1. Sauna is a must-go

For Scandinavian women, a sauna session is not only an important part of the culture, but also like detox for body, soul and spirit. The complexion can also benefit from this, because sweating and the heat can wash away bacteria and drain sebum. Goodbye, blackheads!

2. No foundation

Is a foundation a must-have in your daily make-up routine? If you follow the beauty secrets of Scandinavian women, you can leave them out now. The ladies from the north prefer a healthy and natural complexion that gives them a special glow. If you still like a little tint for an even complexion, it is better to rely on BB cream or tinted day care products.

5 Secret Beauty Tricks Of  Scandinavian Women

3. Less is more

The Scandinavian motto "less is more" applies not only to make-up, but in all other situations in life. If you live the Scandinavian lifestyle, you drive down a gear with everything. That means more minimalist outfits, shorter beauty routines and less stress - and that also has a positive effect on skin and hair.

4. Active and healthy

You don't even have to look north to realize that a healthy and active lifestyle is the best recipe for your own wellbeing. Scandinavians particularly like to use bicycles that combine everyday life and sport and save a membership in the gym. A healthy and balanced diet full of important nutrients, which is also noticeable externally through a radiant complexion, provides additional energy.

5 Secret Beauty Tricks Of  Scandinavian Women

5. Just let go

Somehow the Scandinavian women always seem to have themselves under control and to be particularly disciplined, but one of their beauty secrets is also to just let go in between. If it comes up, a party is on the agenda. And in preparation for special occasions, they like to use products with vitamin C to care for the skin in advance.

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