Home Office And Pets: Your Experiences?

Home office and pets: your experiences?


Home office and pets: your experiences?

Some got a cat during the pandemic, others are happy that they don't have to leave the dog alone in the home office. How is it with you?

Take the dog with you to work: What some employees want is easy to implement, especially in times of increased home office. Dog, cat, guinea pig or budgie can become animal colleagues.

The dog provides emotional protection. Stroking leads to the release of oxytocin, which is responsible for reducing stress hormones and stimulating happiness hormones. "

Home office and pets: your experiences?

Some people have also got a pet during lockdown times. Obviously, if you didn't have to go to the office every day for weeks, business trips were canceled and it became too lonely in the apartment. Sometimes you have more time for "pawternity", so-called parenting leave for the new pet.

Do you have a fluffy work colleague?

How are you doing with the office dog at home? Do you scratch his head during the video conference - or do you share the desk with your cat? And is home office a relief for living with a pet - or maybe too much distraction?

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