Jogging During The Morning Conference

Jogging During The Morning Conference

Jogging during the morning conference

After a few months of working from home, we got it: At home, it is more efficient to work. Even sports and housework can be combined with office tasks. The home office is now the office home.

 Even executives who do not trust their employees further than they can throw them admit: Yes, this home office has something. Due to the corona crisis, it has become the new reality.

Jogging During The Morning Conference

Since March there has also been a different feeling that one does not express in the online team meeting in order not to show one's nakedness. But it is there. The need to show others: me. Am Not. Lazy! Always sit at the table when the cam goes on. Possibly even in a shirt. This roaring command through the apartment: “Quiet! Call from the company! ”So that all the children's laughter ceases, the smoothie mixer is silent, the cat freezes. To be always available. Even on lunch break. Because do the others really know that I am officially recovering?

Saving the old office virtues from past pre-Corona times into the present. Just don't let any muddle tear down. As I said, it was like that since March. But slowly, the world is daring a little more in the home office. This panic that we might somehow attract attention through inefficiency seems to be disappearing . It turns out: a little muddle here and there is no muddle at all, but nothing other than flexibility. That increases efficiency. We can still do the job. Even more relaxed.

Jogging During The Morning Conference

Home office workers are currently developing new freedoms in the home office step by step. Because it turns out: Many office quirks were just dazzling. To keep up.

Rules like “no flip-flops in the office” - in the home office, where you can theoretically take part in video conferences without pants, simply absurd. Without hunger at 12:45 pm closed with the whole department in the canteen? In the home office, meals are based solely on your own blood sugar level.

Little by little, the last bastion of job bourgeoisie is falling in the home office: the diligence after the second hand. It was practically no difference in the office. If presence equates to work, then absence equates to doing nothing.

If you arrive late at your desk or 15 minutes later from your lunch break, you are obviously not doing enough for your money. The old compulsory attendance pushes a time clock into the brain of the workforce. 

Corona is changing the job market. The new homework is attractive for many - but could create a professional two-class society.

In the home office, however, where there is no recording of working hours through the looks of colleagues, other criteria must apply to monitor success. Instead of the length of work, what counts is what can be reliably verified from a distance: Is the goal of the work being achieved? Is the presentation ready on time? Has the online seminar been prepared? Are the bills out? And that's what matters. It doesn't matter that we serve our lifetime, what matters now is that we can get it all right.

That can give us unimagined new freedoms.

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