Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

  Hello everybody. I hope you are all healthy. At 39. Active Monday week, I don't have a recipe for you. I would like to talk about the benefits of Isometric exercises and I also have an example video for you. Enjoy it:)

What is Isometric Exercise? Strengthen Muscles and Get Fit With Isometric Exercises

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

What if I say you can get your body in shape with isometric movements almost without moving? These simple movements, when applied regularly, almost work miracles. I can hear what you say. Actually, I can guess that you are not very foreign. You must have applied one or more of them. In this article I will explain the isometric movements, I will also add what movements they are. Let's examine these movements, which I have noticed in recent years.

What are isometric movements?

Although it may seem easy at first glance, an incredible amount of muscle power is required to be able to apply isometric movements. It is very suitable for those who exercise at home. If you are a frequent traveler, you can apply it even in a hotel room or office.
In isometric exercises, you train your muscles effectively without moving them. Activation can be achieved by tension, pressure, or tension. Of course, there are many more examples, but I have given some of the most important examples in this article. As you master the isometric movements that are frequently used in yoga, you can find some movements yourself.

In addition, even bedridden or wheelchair users can easily do some of the isometric exercises.

Isometric training is not necessarily easier than dynamic. For example, it may not be easy to carry the whole body weight using only your elbow strength. In isometric exercises, for example; It takes a lot of mental strength to pressure, struggle, and perseverance through the will. Exercise by holding individual exercises for about 15 seconds while breathing in and out.

Back Muscles

Strengthen the back muscles: Lie flat on your back or lean against the wall with your back straight. The feet should be approximately 20 cm from the wall. Increase body tension. Now press your back against the floor or wall. At the same time pull the navel towards the spine. While you lie down, raise your arms very slightly.

You need strength for the exercises below. To get used to the movements and to be able to apply them comfortably, start with less repetition, and increase over time. After a while, you will be able to do it very comfortably. They are movements that appeal to all body muscles.


Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises


Support your stomach on the elbow and stretch your body like a plank. The body is in one line, you should stand parallel about 20 cm above the ground. The neck and head are stretched by lengthening the spine. Leg, abdomen, back, and gluteal muscles are tense.

Side Plank:

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises


 Support on the elbow. Create body tension over the entire body and press the hips up. The legs are stretched and overlapped. The lower foot touches the ground.

Back Bridge:

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises


 Lie on your back. The arms are beside the body. The legs are bent at approximately 90 °. Fingertips point to the ceiling. Then lift the hips until the back is straight.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Stand on all fours like a dog posture. First lift one leg parallel to the body, then raise your arm in the opposite direction. After waiting 15 seconds, repeat the movement with the other leg and arm. Then you can repeat as many times as you can. It is a very useful movement for the back and abdominal muscles.

Strengthening the Chest Muscles:

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercise: strengthening the chest muscles Bring your arms together in front of your chest, pressing your palms together so your palms or fists touch each other. Then clench your palms or fists together.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Strengthening Neck Muscles:

Isometric exercise: Strengthening the neck muscles Tighten your neck so that a double chin is formed. Then press it to your forehead with a flat palm. The head should not move. Also, do the same on both sides of your head.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Strengthening Leg Muscles:

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercise: Strengthening the leg muscles The abdominal and back muscles work together with your leg muscles.

Lie on your back. Extend your toes forward, stretch your legs, and simultaneously press them parallel to the floor.

Sitting against the wall: Lean your back against the wall. Take a sitting position at a 90-degree angle and stay in this position for as long as you can.

Strengthening the Abdominal Muscles:

Sit on the floor, lift your legs, and pull your stomach in. Extend your arms towards your legs. Pilates and yoga practitioners will remember this movement in a hundred. You can also raise the body a little higher and apply it as a boat pose.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Lie flat on your stomach. Place your arms loosely beside your body. Lift your feet, stretch your legs, and lift them up. Raise your arms as if flying. Keep the hip muscles tight and pull the navel towards the spine. It is also a very useful movement for the back.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

In addition, plank and bridge movements are very useful for the abdomen.

Strengthening Arm Muscles:

Turn your face to the wall. Try to push the wall with your arms.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

Lie on your back. The arms should be right next to the body. Now tighten your arms and push them towards the floor. At the same time pull the navel towards the spine.

Strengthening the Shoulder Muscles:

Isometric Exercise: Strengthening the Shoulder Muscles Take a folded towel and hold it horizontally on the chest. Try to pull one hand at the upper end and one hand at the lower end. Then change your hand and repeat the movement. You can do the same by keeping the towel parallel.

Active Monday 39 - Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Isometric Movements?

What are the benefits of isometric exercises?

A simple but effective training method is isometric or static training. Isometric exercises are useful for strengthening muscles.
The musculature supported by ligaments, tendons, and joints keeps the skeleton upright and enables movement. Muscles contract, contract again, and relax. Also, we could not survive without our body's roughly 640 muscles. Isometric Exercises make all your muscles agile and flexible. With regular training, you can stay fit and healthy until old age, as muscles also have an important function in energy metabolism. Isometric exercises should not be missing in your exercise plan.

What is isometry in a biological sense?

The word "isometry" is in Greek (isometry = the same measure). In isometric muscle work, the muscle is tense but does not change in length. Unlike dynamic exercises, the muscle does not stretch or stretch in isometric exercises. It works stably.

Muscle building by contraction.

In isometric training, the muscle in a certain position is stretched and the muscle is held as long as possible without stretching, stretching, or contracting.

How do isometric exercises work?

Isometric training is very simple and gives a visible result in no time. You consciously train and strengthen muscle tension. This means that you work the muscles without applying any pressure or pull. However, you can still create the greatest resistance a muscle group needs. Isometric exercises are also called static exercises.

If you consume too much energy, muscle building will be permanently increased. A smart side effect is this: It also increases the energy expenditure of your basal metabolism. Unnecessary body fat can be quickly dissolved this way.

The purpose of isometric education.

The training aims to increase the duration of the exercises. It helps to increase muscle mass and strength.
 You can do your isometric exercises anytime, anywhere. Stopping at the red light is the perfect moment for this, whether in the car or on foot. For example, bring the hips together for a few seconds. Squeeze and release and repeat as much as you can. Meanwhile, you get a targeted body shaping.

What is the advantage of isometric exercise for you?

The most obvious benefit of isometric exercises is that you don't need any additional tools or expensive equipment to perform. Also, the place and time are up to you. Isometric exercises are possible almost anytime and anywhere.

Studies prove that educational success is evident after a relatively short time. Muscles usually reach a performance peak after five to six weeks.

This is so successful that the exercises intensify the neuronal stimulation of the autonomic nervous system and thus put the muscle (not the joint) into a high-performance state. The stress on the joints is significantly minimal. You can also train for injuries such as knee joint injuries. Do regular isometric exercises to protect the thigh muscles from atrophying. You can also practice under the guidance of a physical therapist so you learn the movements safely.

Isometric exercises - Which exercise intervals make sense?

The success of isometric exercises only becomes evident with consistent continuity.
 Tighten the muscles that will be trained as much as possible, keeping the tension for 8 to 10 seconds. Then relax again. Repeat this process at least 5 to 10 times. When you feel ready, you can increase the stretch and repetition of the movement. Set yourself regular days and practice for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 days a week. Remember, too, that we have to give the muscles a rest period.

To increase strength, five repetitions of isometric exercises are sufficient.

In summary:

You don't need any tools to complete the exercises.
Hold the position of the isometric exercise for 8-10 seconds.

Repeat each exercise at least 8 to 10 times.

I have also a one hour isometric full body workout for you:

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