15 Different Uses Of Carbonate (Baking Soda) At Home

Many of us use baking soda only for pastries, but if you knew what ingenuity was in baking soda... It can be used by so many areas from home cleaning to your personal cleaning, you will be surprised.

Here are the 15 different uses of Carbonate...

baking soda at home

1. Whether you sweep or wipe the carpets in your home, it begins to smell over time. If you give them to carpet washers, they will use chemicals for cleaning.
Take a handful of carbonate and use it to your carpets for each sprinkle to the side and wait 1-2 hours, then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
 Sweep thoroughly. There will be no trace of that bad smell in your carpet.

2. You can not cope with the smell in your refrigerator.
Put the baking soda in one corner of the refrigerator. Mix every 4-5 days.
You will see that bad odour is gone. Also in the cupboard
The carbonate will also have a protective effect on fruit and vegetables.

3.  Is oil dripped on the carpet, sofa or your dress? Don't panic! Because the colour of the detergent stain is turned on and the colour will spoil its texture. Instead, pour baking soda over the oil stain
and lightly soak it. Wait for 1-2 hours and wipe.

4. Carbonate with lemons and tiles of your kitchen counter
Rub and rinse with. It is the most beautiful and natural cleaner.

5. Lemon and carbonate instead of cream detergents for your dirty sinks. Pour baking soda into the sink and rub it with lemon.
You will see that all dirt will disappear and shine.

6.  Also, a glass of baking soda to open your clogged sinks pour it into the sink. Add 1 glass of vinegar and 2 litres of boiling water drain into the sink. The clogged sink will open.

7.  Pour carbonate from the evening into your pans and pots that hold the bottom and pour hot water.
 You will not have difficulty while cleaning in the morning.

baking soda

8. If you rub your rusting items with carbonate, you can stop the rusting.

9.  If you have darkened items such as porcelain, rub them with lemon carbonate.
They will lighten.

10. Likewise, you put your silverware into water paste. If you rub it with baking soda, it will lighten and shine.

11. If there is a damp and musty smell in your wardrobe and the smell of naphthalene
If you don't like it, you can use carbonate in a box with the mouth open.

12. Wipe the bathroom windows with baking soda in the shower. While taking a shower you will breathe more comfortably.

13. Whether your bathroom slippers are wood or plastic, clean them with carbonate.  Both your slippers and your feet will feel comfortable.
 In this way, the life of your wooden clogs will increase and you will keep the chemical cleansers away from your skin.

14. Half the amount of detergent you use in the washing machine. Complete the rest with baking soda. Your laundry will be cleaner and the chemical residue will be left.

15. Carbonate is also very important for oral health and dental care. Evenings mix salt and carbonate, in a ratio of 1 to 1 and brush your teeth. It is the perfect protection against bacteria and viruses.

 Finally vinegar, lemon and baking soda are the perfect helpers for your home. You have to keep them always at your house.

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