September 16, 2019

Active Monday -37 - Let' s Hip Hop

hip hop
Hi, dears. A new week again and the best way to start a new week is to be active. And of course to stay active all week long. Healthy lifestyle and activity gives us extra energy for our jobs, school e.t.c.

Health Tipps This Week:

As the seasons change from summer to autumn, it is natural for us to feel tired. There are a few things you can do against this feeling of fatigue:

  • Spend plenty of time in nature. This is the best way to get used to seasonal and temperature changes.
  • Consume plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruit (once a day).
  • Plenty of water and sugar-free herbal tea.
  • Do relaxation exercises.
And a very high tempo hip hop HIIT workout to have a lot of energy for the rest days. Enjoy it :)


  1. Buenos consejos, seguro que muchos se apuntaran a ellos. Un abrazo

  2. Thanks for the tips! I am definitely trying to focus on health and fitness as we move into fall.

  3. Oh very interesting darling

  4. I love hip hop so much :)
    Thanks for the video

  5. Jetzt wo es nicht mehr so heiß ist, werde ich mich auch wieder sportlich betätigen. LG Romy

  6. Thanks for the tips, I needed them. I noticed I was a bit fatigued and kept wondering why. I thought maybe cos I go to the gym a lot and maybe stress as well.

  7. Uauu, que dicas maravilhosas de exercícios querida Deria!
    Eu adoro vir ao seu blog e ver essa animação, essa alegria!!
    Estarei sempre por aqui observando todas as suas dicas!!
    Tenha uma linda semana!!
    Beijos do Brasil!! :))))

  8. Deria, thank ypu for the tipps. I try to be active. But... it's hard.

  9. Thanks for your kind comments :)


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