Celebrity Style- Eva Longoria Style With 19 Special Looks

Eva Longoria was one of my favourite characters at Desperate Houswives, which I watched with great interest years ago. In fact, the story of housewives who lived in the same neighbourhood and lived a quiet life was actually quite intriguing and adventurous. 

Then I followed Eva Longoria, which I liked her style of clothing very much, in the press. Today, I have chosen 19 Eva Longoria outfits that I like among thousands of her pictures. So, she is the guest today of celebrity styles by Daria's choices.

Eva Longoria, who has been engaged in sports since her youth, suits every outfit she wears to her proper physique. From time to time casual and street style, from time to time sports and for special occasions more elegant clothes; She looks perfect on all of the beautiful outfits.

A 44-year-old beautiful star, who was also a mother of a child in the recent past, managed to become a source of motivation for women by entering her old form immediately.

Do you like Eva Longoria? Maybe why I like that style myself, so street style clothes suit her very much. And you? Which of her styles do you like more? Should we talk about this in comments? I wish everyone happy and stylish days :)

Pictures: Pinterest 

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